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Top Five Cases for Samsung Vibrant

written by: ContessaD•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 10/22/2010

There are a lot of Samsung Vibrant covers that are made of durable and high grade materials which can fully shield your device from accidental damage. Here are five highly rated and attractive Samsung Vibrant cases that are currently available online.

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    10 Silicone Cases

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    10 Silicone Cases Highly recommended among Samsung Vibrant covers is the premium quality silicone case. At a very affordable price of $17.99, you will get, not only one but, 10 colorful silicone cases. With a variety of colors to choose from namely white, black, yellow, green, orange, blue, hot pink, purple, red and light pink you can give a different look to your phone to match your mood or your outfit for the day. These attractive Samsung Vibrant cases are designed with windows to allow instant access to all the phone’s functions. They are also designed to fully protect the device from all the unwanted dust, dirt and scratches. Jazz up your new Samsung Vibrant with these adorable bright colored cases.

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    Black Carbon Fiber Case w/ Screen Protector Film

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    Carbon Fiber Case The Black Carbon Fiber Case can give your Samsung Vibrant a trendy and fashionable look. With an added Screen Protector Film, it will ensure maximum protection to your device from all unwanted and accidental damages. To ensure the durability of the case, it was also reinforced with hard and quality plastic at the sides. The snap-on design also guarantees fast and hassle-free installation of the case without adding extra bulk to your device. For only $5.97 your new Samsung Vibrant will have an elegant look with the utmost protection.

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    Rubberized Case w/ Screen Protector Film & Phone Bag

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    Flower Design Case The Rubberized Case with blue, pink and purple wave flower design is another must-have among Samsung Vibrant covers. It comes with screen protector film and a phone bag to fully shield the device from bruises, dirt and the wear and tear of everyday activities. The ultra durable case is also custom made to perfectly fit every curve of your new Samsung Vibrant without adding noticeable bulk. With precise cut-outs, you can have fast and easy access to all the phone’s functions. For only $5.79 Samsung Vibrant users can give their device a new, elegant and fantastic look.

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    Rubberized Hard Case - Black

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    Rubberized Hard Case The black Rubberized Hard Case is another excellent choice among Samsung Vibrant cases. For a very cheap price of $2.54 you will be able to give your device an elegant and superior look. This case comes with easy snap on installation and it is made to ultimately fit your phone without adding extra bulk. With custom made cut-outs, you can have easy access to all the functions of your new Samsung Vibrant without the hassle of removing the case. Protect your phone with this highly recommended rubberized case.

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    Hard Cover - Black & Silver Zebra Design

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    Zebra Design Case The Hard Cover with black and silver zebra design is another perfect choice for all Samsung Vibrant users. This hard plastic cover can fully protect your device from dirt, dust and scratches and at the same time, give it a whole new look with a touch of class. With custom made ports for all the buttons, controls, camera lens, speakers and charger jack, you will have fast and easy access to all the phone’s functions. This is such a good buy for $2.95 only.