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Top Mobile Phone Tripods

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 10/9/2010

If you regularly take photos and video clips with your mobile phone camera, you shouldn't be without one of these excellent mobile phone tripods!

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    Why Use a Mobile Phone Tripod?

    If you use your camera phone regularly, you probably take the odd shaky photograph or video clip. After all, most mobile phones don’t stand on their own too well, and few of us have arms long enough to position the camera quite where we want it when taking a self-photograph.

    As video recording facilities on mobile devices have become more and more common, a need for suitable tripods to safely hold a handset without damaging the display or pressing any of the buttons has emerged.

    Over the past year or so, more and more solutions have been made available that resolve this very problem, enabling you to mount your mobile phone and take steady photos and videos.

    There are four particularly good tripods that can be used with mobile phone cameras.

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    Basic Camera Phone Tripod

    mobile phone tripods Ideal for digital cameras and camera phones alike, this compact tripod comes with an adaptor to hold and attach your mobile firmly in place.

    At just 20 cm long it is nice and portable, and can be easily slotted into a handbag, rucksack or even a coat pocket. Meanwhile the heavy legs help to keep the camera steady while you line up your shot.

    The basic camera phone tripod costs £9.98 and is available from Amazon.

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    Universal Mobile Phone Tripod

    The Nokia DT-22 mobile phone tripod stand Nokia’s recent camera phones have high quality video capababilities – so it makes sense that they should help their customers make the best use of this by releasing a mobile phone tripod.

    As such, this tripod is designed for use with the Nokia N-Series of phones - Nokia N95, N93, N80, N73, N72 and N70 handsets – although you would be hard pushed to find a device that you cannot use with it.

    Complete with a very useful clasp for holding your camera phone in a variety of positions, the Nokia DT-22 tripod uses standard attachments; this means that you could mount the clasp and your phone on a standard tripod, or use a general camera with this smaller tripod.

    Find out more at

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    GSI Tripod and Lens

    GSI mobile phone tripod and lens The standard purpose of a tripod is to steady the camera as you find and line up the optimum shot. No tripod – and especially not camera tripods – should add additional features to your camera.

    It seems nobody told GSI that, however. They’ve brought out this superb tripod which not only allows you to securely mount your camera phone, it also allows you to position it on the mount behind a removable telephoto 30x70mm lens, affording your camera phone 8x optical zooming!

    Available on Amazon for $29.99, this excellent product could really change the way you take photos with your mobile.

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    Another Universal Mobile Phone Tripod

    mobile phone tripods This more modest option returns to the common design of clasp plus tripod, with minor adjustment options available. Equipped with a 360 degree universal joint for lining up shots in different ways, this mobile phone tripod features a versatile adjustable clasp that in theory can be used with any camera phone.

    Using spring-loaded grip, the clasp holds your phone firmly in place, while a second adjustable part prevents the camera lens being obscured by the grip.

    Find mobile phone tripods with this design on Google Product Search.

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    GorillaMobile Flexible Tripod and iPhone Case

    Gorrila mobile phone tripod for iPhone Finally for the iPhone users wanting a tripod specifically designed for them, the Joby GorillaMobile Flexible Tripod features a case for slipping your iPhone into before clipping to the tripod.

    The GorillaMobile features over 24 leg joints, allowing the tripod legs to bend and rotate through 360 degrees. As such amazing camera positions are available and the GorillaMobile stand can be wrapped around posts or positioned on soft furnishings. Complete with residue-free adhesive clips for mounting other phones, this device is available from Amazon for $44.95.