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Guide to the Best BlackBerry Accessories

written by: Shanna James•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 9/21/2010

Accessories are always a must have for BlackBerry users. Whether you are new to the BlackBerry craze or an experienced fanatic there are always BlackBerry cell phone accessories that can enhance your mobile’s phone functionality and efficiency.

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    BlackBerry Accessories

    BlackBerry cell phone accessories can be found via the Internet or in electronic stores across the globe. There are so many that finding the highest quality, most valuable ones for you may seem daunting for many BlackBerry users. This list will pinpoint those additions that are worth purchasing.

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    Sync Pods/Desktop Chargers

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    Each BlackBerry version has its own specific charging pod. A sync pod is a pocket like device that your BlackBerry can be inserted into. It is either connected to your PC for syncing or plugged into an outlet for charging. Charging docks enable you to use your BlackBerry while it is syncing or recharging. Since the phone is in an upright position, users are able to take calls, watch videos or even listen to music.

    Most charging pods come in an attractive polished chrome to compliment the sleek lines of the BlackBerry device. If you are purchasing a sync pod make sure it is compatible with the BlackBerry model you are currently using. Chargers like these usually cost between $5 and $15. Here are a few sync pods to choose from: Purchase List For BlackBerry Sync Pods.

    BlackBerry Charging Pod for BlackBerry 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330 Curve (Silver) BlackBerry Charging Pod for BlackBerry Bold 9000 BlackBerry Charging Pod for BlackBerry Tour 9630 

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    Screen Protector

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    Anyone who has a mobile phone knows that phone screens can be very easily scratched especially if they fall or are being jostled around in your pocket or bag. There are several screen guards available for each model of BlackBerry. Most screen protectors last a very long time, as long as they are not constantly being reused and reapplied.

    Some are clear and some are tinted with reflectors to serve as a privacy screen. With these tinted screen guards no one will be able to view your phone screen unless they are standing right beside you and viewing it with you. Each comes in a different size depending on the BlackBerry model you own, but they are often sold in sets of three. For a list of high quality screen protectors see Purchase List for BlackBerry Screen Protectors for protectors costing as little as $1.

    3 Pack of Premium Crystal Clear Anti-Glare Screen Protectors for Blackberry Bold 970 3 Screen Protectors for Blackberry Curve by eforcity New High Quality Privacy Screen Protector Verizon BlackBerry Tour 9630 Sprint 

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    BlackBerry Headsets

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    Your BlackBerry cell phone accessories would not be complete without a great pair of headsets and ear buds. Certain headsets come with a multimedia controller built into the cord so reaching for your BlackBerry each time to pause or skip a song is no longer necessary. These are multimedia headsets and there are also noise isolation headsets available that are made to filter out noise so that your conversation or the music that you are listening to comes across clearly with little interference from outside noise.

    The prices of headsets may vary based on seller, type and the functions that they provide. The different features that they comprise will play a part, some of the best ones can be found here at Purchase list for BlackBerry Headsets.

    BlackBerry Premium Multimedia Headset with Case (3.5mm) OEM (Original) 3.5mm STEREO Hands-free Headset for RIM Blackberry 8330 CURVE Blackberry 8300 Sound Isolating Stereo Headset OEM HDW-16904-001, Black 

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    BlackBerry Cell Phone Accessories that every BlackBerry Owner Should HaveThere are many different types and brands of BlackBerry cell phone accessories on the market and sometimes new BlackBerry owners, and even veterans get caught up and are not sure which BlackBerry cell phone accessories are worth the money. This article provides you with a guide to buying the best BlackBerry accessories so that you know what they do and if you need them.
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    Replacement/Spare Battery

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    Few BlackBerry cell phone accessories are as important as your phone's battery. While on the go it may be difficult to find a place to have your phone charged so it is necessary to have a replacement battery with you at all times, especially if your BlackBerry mobile is being constantly used for business. The price of a spare battery varies depending on the model of the phone but most can be purchased for between $20 and $30. Some replacement BlackBerry batteries even promise to provide you with a longer talk time than your original BlackBerry battery. A replacement battery for your BlackBerry phone can be found here: Purchase List for Blackberry Batteries.

    Blackberry Battery for BlackBerry Bold 9000 (Black) BlackBerry D-X1 Battery for BlackBerry Storm 9530 Retail Packaging Replacement Blackberry Standard Lithium-ion Replacement Battery Cs2 Cs-2 for RIM Blackberry 8330 8310 8320 8300 Curve Smartphone by NG 

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    Visor Mount

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    In some places it is against the law to drive while talking on your phone at the same time and it's not surprising considering how many accidents are a direct result of people talking on their cell phones and not paying enough attention to the road. A Bluetooth headset is a very important purchase if you will be driving long distances and often need to answer phone calls while driving. The visor mount clips on to the car's visor and comes with a speakerphone that enables you to answer a call without having to hold the phone in one hand. It will also verbally annouce the caller's name or the number if they are not stored, so you do not need to take your eyes from the road to know who is calling. It works in conjunction with a Bluetooth-enabled BlackBerry phone and may cost between $65 and $80.

    It can be viewed and purchased here: Buy Blackberry Visor Mount Speakerphone.

    BlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone 

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    Micro SD Memory Card

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    If you are a music or video lover then a memory card is one of the best BlackBerry cell phone accessories to have. An SD memory card holds a lot of information depending on its storage capacity. It is better than having to consume your BlackBerry’s internal memory, especially when storing multimedia. Micro SD Memory Cards are relatively affordable depending on the storage size and a 16GB card can be purchased for just about $40 or less. However 16GB is a lot of memory, most BlackBerries are equipped with a 2GB SD Memory card so it's up to you to decide how far you would like to upgrade. A 16GB Micro SD Card for your BlackBerry can be purchased here: SanDisk-microSDHC-Memory-SDSDQ-016G.

    SanDisk 16 GB Class 2 microSDHC Flash Memory Card SDSDQ-016G 

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    Blackberry Skins

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    Just as a screen protector safeguards your BlackBerry’s screen a skin protects the rest of its body. Skins come in many different colors, styles and materials for all the different versions of BlackBerry mobile phones. Skins protect them from falls and vigorous handling. Some BlackBerry Skins are made from silicone and some are rubberized; all are made for your phone's protection but some of them are specifically made to protect your phone against all elements except water. Waterproof cases have, however, been made and are available on the market. Skins can be purchased for as low as $1 and as high as $10 and can be found at BlackBerry Skins.

    BlackBerry Rubberized Skin for BlackBerry 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330 Curve (Dark Grey) by BlackBerry Purple Silicone Case OtterBox Defender Case for BlackBerry 8520 OtterBox Defender Case for BlackBerry Curve 8300 Series 

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    These BlackBerry cell phone accessories are a must have for all BlackBerry users as they allow the phone to function better and last longer. For more BlackBerry cell phone accessories take a look online and at most retail stores near you.