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Top Motorola Karma Accessories

written by: ContessaD•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 9/11/2010

Enhance your phone with the best Motorola Karma accessories out there. Choose from this wide array of options including charger, phone holder, memory card, phone case, battery, headset and universal purse. Upgrade your phone now!

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    Powermat Wireless Charger / Home & Office Mat

    Powermat The Powermat Wireless Charger is a must-have item among Motorola Karma accessories. It allows charging of 3 Powermat-enabled phones at the same time. Another feature of the mat is a USB port through which an extra device can be charged. This highly recommended accessory includes a Home & Office Mat, Universal Power Supply and Powercube Universal Receiver. So get rid of those multiple adapter and chargers, use Powermat Home & Office Mat for a fast, easy and convenient charging experience. This costs $99.99 only.

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    Rocking Chair Phone Holder – Pink

    Rocking Chair Holder This ultra-feminine pink colored Rocking Chair phone holder is made from aluminum material with an anodized finished. This is perfect, not only for your Motorola Karma phone, but also for various PDA devices and MP3 players that do not exceed 62mm in width. This holder allows positioning of the phone at a comfortable and convenient viewing angle. Other available colors are blue, titanium gray and silver. This costs just $13.99.

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    Datamine 8GB MicroSD Memory Card

    Datamine Memory card Essential Motorola Karma accessories include this small yet highly efficient Datamine Memory Card with an 8GB storage capacity. Hours of video and thousands of pictures or songs can easily fit in this storage card. Also included is a standard SD adapter and a mini adapter to allow usage for a wide variety of devices with MicroSD support. This comes with a full 3 year warranty for $19.99 only.

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    Rubberized Snap-On Crystal Hard Case – Blue

    Rubberized Snap On case This blue colored Rubberized Snap-On Crystal Hard Case by Amzer is designed to perfectly fit every curve of your Motorola Karma phone. This case provides total protection against the accidental bumps, drops and scratches of everyday life. It also comes with a detachable swivel belt-clip to allow easy and convenient phone positioning. It’s high time you gave your phone the utmost protection and a whole new attractive look and it will only cost you $14.95.

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    OEM Motorola Standard Battery (Li-Ion)

    OEM Motorola Battery People who are always on the go, who do not have enough time to stop and charge their phone should always bring a spare battery with them. This OEM Motorola Standard Battery (Li-Ion) is compatible not only with the Motorola Karma QA1 but also the Motorola Hint QA30 and the Motorola i856 Debut. Its estimated standby and talk-time varies depending on various factors such as accessories connected, ambient temperature, habits of the user, features activated and network performance. This battery costs $34.99 and it comes with free shipment within the US.

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    Dual Buds Stereo Hands Free Headset – Hot Pink

    Dual Buds Headset This 3.55mm Dual Buds Stereo Hands Free Headset is one fantastic Motorola Karma accessory that easily permits multi-tasking. For example, talking on the phone or listening to music without holding the phone can still allow you to work on other things like walking the dog, exercising, driving and doing paper work. The dual earbuds that perfectly fit in the ears are totally comfortable and lightweight. A truly amazing accessory for only $14.99 and it qualifies for free shipment within the US.

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    Universal Kory Club Purse

    Univ. Kory Purse This multi-functional red colored Universal Kory Club Purse is not simply a case that provides phone protection. This attractive purse can also be used to secure your car keys, calling cards, pens, money and other things. This versatile and multi-purpose purse costs just $19.24.