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Best Accessories for the LG Versa

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 9/1/2010

The LG Versa is a remarkable phone with a 3 inch coloured touch screen and a detachable keyboard. Level up and enhance your phone with these LG Versa Accessories currently offered in the market.

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    The LG Versa Phone from Verizon Wireless is one innovative and remarkable touch-screen phone that is designed with an attachable full QWERTY keyboard which is easily detachable if you don’t want the extra bulk. A truly amazing phone that deserves LG Versa accessories ranging from batteries, cases, holsters, chargers, screen protectors, headsets and more. Here are five accessories that are definitely perfect for your LG Versa.

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    Accessories Bundle

    aaaa The LG Versa Accessories Bundle includes a brand new Premium Leather case, Travel Wall Charger, Rapid Car Charger and Antenna Booster Generation X. The Premium Leather Case comes along with a belt clip and is made of high quality and durable leather. The Travel Wall Charger and Rapid Car Charger both come with an IC chip to eliminate chances of overcharging. The Antenna Booster Generation X is one of the strongest antenna boosters available and it is very efficient in enhancing the strength of your phones’ signal. All of these items cost $5.99 only. Grab it now!

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    QWERTY Keypad / Keyboard

    bbbb This is truly a must-have full QWERTY keyboard because it makes browsing and texting so much easier and faster. The keypad that covers the touch-screen provides ultimate protection to your phone from all the scratches, bumps and dirt. It is highly durable and comes with a classy and rugged look. This is truly recommendable among LG Mobile Phone Accessories and it costs $13.50 only. Grab it now!

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    Rubber Feel Hard Case – Red

    cccc A truly attractive Rubber Feel Hard Case that comes with a snap-on cover for easy installation. It is highly durable and the ABS material is also heat resistant which could protect your phone in high temperatures. Its custom cut-outs are made to perfectly fit your phone and it has precisely cut ports for all controls and connections. From the original price of $24.95 it is now offered at a discounted rate of $5.20 only. Grab it now!

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    Micro SDHC 4 Gigabyte Card

    dddd This Micro SDHC 4 GB Card by Kingston is designed specifically for LG VX9600 Versa users. This card is a removable storage solution for mobile phones that come with expansion slots. It is very recommendable because it does not consume much of the battery life. With this Micro SD Card you can now instantly transfer pictures between different devices for sharing and printing purposes. It is currently offered for $20 only. Grab it now!

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    Combo Pack – Bluetooth Headset and Case

    eeee This combo pack includes 1 Bluetooth Headset and 1 Case. The Bluetooth Headset has an operational range of 10 meters and it is ultimately light and comfortable. It has 13 hours of talk time and 12 days of standby time. The case included is made from a high quality material and is designed to have a non-scratch lining interior. This truly effective and stylish case will protect your Bluetooth Headset from damage. The case is available in 9 varieties of colours. This combo pack costs $21.99 only. Grab it now!