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Accessorize Your Samsung Replenish

written by: Claudine Baugh•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/31/2011

Put your Samsung Replenish in high gear with this dynamic list of accessories. Imagine a world with hands-free and amazing audio in your car for multiple hours or recharge your smartphone with no electricity - this is no joke. Check out this line up of accessories and more mind-blowing features.

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    Take the edge off and enjoy the use of your Samsung Replenish with ease. These accessories will take the strain off dealing with day to day tasks with your smartphone while offering breakthrough performance and style. Set an example for those who are stuck in old age and start selecting some of these trendy Samsung Replenish accessories.

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    Blue Stereo Bluetooth Headset

    Trendy, chic and contemporary are just a few words to describe this Bluetooth Stereo Headset.Blue Stereo Bluetooth Headset  Apart from an appealing design, this headset is water resistant, lightweight and has supple ergonomics for sports and other outdoor activities. It is one of the most comfortable headsets around, plus you can count on a secure fit during vigorous workouts.

    It features high-fidelity stereo sound for music and crystal clear audio for talking on your Samsung Replenish. The built-in battery permits users to listen to music for up to 8 hours and talk on their phone for 9 hours without recharging. With this purchase, users get a fully loaded package, which includes a complimentary car and wall charger with USB charging cable and carrying pouch. Also, you will be happy to know this headset is compatible with a long list of other Samsung smartphones (check the listings on the respective purchase link in the references section).

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    Bluetooth Car Kit

    This fantastic Bluetooth Car Kit offers unparalleled performance capabilities to blow your mind. OnceBLUETOOTH CAR KITS : SPEAKERPHONES  installed, this device syncs with your Samsung Replenish via Bluetooth technology so you can enjoy up to 45 hours of talk time without recharging and 6 months stand by time. This makes it the ideal companion for long trips when directions or just a friendly voice is needed during those lonely hours on the road.

    This car kit also features world-class echo and noise reduction and a powerful built-in 2-watt speaker. These combined guarantee clear, uninterrupted and sharp range for hands-free communication in your car. It even has voice prompts to tell you when it's connected and the status of the battery level. The car kit can also connect two cell phones at the same time; so more than one passenger can use the speakerphone. It can also save up to six phone connections, so the whole family can use and enjoy.

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    Monaco Solar & USB Powered Backup Battery and Charger

    Let the sun be your source of power when charging your Samsung Replenish, this solar backup monaco solar charger battery packs 1800 mAh of current to completely charge your cell phone for two different sittings. It can charge other devices that have a USB connection; this can be an iPod, digital camera, MP3 player and so on. It’s a great accessory to take with you on the road, as soon as you have used some of the power, simply place on the dashboard and watch this Monaco Solar Back-up Battery recharge itself by sunlight or you can plug it into an AC power outlet through a computer USB port and load up on power right away.

    This featured Monaco Solar package includes an AC charger adapter, USB charging cables for the backup battery and another with interchangeable mini and micro USB tips. Go green and save with this accessory while getting value and high-tech performance.

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    Stand Holder & Display

    Although this stand holder and display is designed for the Samsung Replenish, the mechanicsStand Holder & Display  of its construction make it a universal implement for an obvious list of other devices. It also makes an attractive piece for the home or office and has a unisex charm.

    This stand is made of a high quality plastic material buffed to a perfect shine for added appeal. It is sturdy enough to hold your smartphone securely with ample space to keep it stable in the event of an unexpected jerk or shake. You can expect quality and durability and long lasting usage with this Samsung Replenish accessory.

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    Micro-USB Bullet Car Charger & Retractable Data Cable

    This miniature bullet car charger is a terrific choice for individuals who prefer a somewhat Retractable Data Cable inconspicuous solution for charging their Samsung Replenish in the car. Its design is constructed to imitate that of a bullet, which makes it even better to fit into the cigarette lighter for charging. It integrates a micro USB socket to plug the retractable data cable, which is included. This optimizes its use so that it can charge other USB operable devices, also in the comfort and convenience of your car.

    This choice of car charger gives added benefit when storing, as it does not add clutter nor does it take up space in the glove or armrest compartment. Along, with the convenience or the retractable data cable (which can be used separately), this combo offers great portability and versatility when traveling.

    You may also be interested in some of the best Samsung Replenish cases on the market.

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