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Accessorize Your Nokia E7

written by: Claudine Baugh•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 4/29/2011

Improve your experience when using the Nokia E7 with these amazing accessories. Check out our featured retractable car charger, car holster, Bluetooth headset and portable Bluetooth speaker plus more. Learn about their cool features and if they are right for you.

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    Do you want to know how to get the best performance out of your Nokia E7? Well take a look at these amazing Nokia E7 accessories that will have your phone soaring to new heights. Not only will this selection of accessories improve its performance, they will make you look cool using your smartphone. Do you want to be cool?

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    Cellular Line Retractable Car Charger – MicroUSB

    This is the ideal choice for a portable car charger; it is compact, lightweight and boasts and ergonomic design along with a micro USB plug, Cellular Line Retractable Car Charger - MicroUSB which allows for easy storage and convenient usage in the car during travel. It has a retractable wire, which extends just to the length that is required, so there is no added, unnecessary wire to untangle.

    One of the most highlighted features of this charger is that it has an automatic cut off, which stops charging your phones battery once it is completely charged, this is to ensure that your phone doesn't get damaged as a result of over charging. Additionally, this particular charger can switch between 12 and 24 volt so it can be used in various vehicles. The charger also features an LED indicator to show your phone charging status.

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    Spider Podium Universal Desk Stand

    The Spider Podium is simply a multi-purpose, gadget grip, holster and desk stand that can be used Spider Podium anywhereSpider Podium 2  and anytime. It has bendable legs to shape to the required positions, angles and locations you would like to place your phone. This is a universal mobile accessory and can be used with a long list of devices and particularly the Nokia E7. It is extremely lightweight and compact making it very resourceful and portable.

    What is great about this desk stand is it allows access to all your phone’s functions and controls not limited to charger, headphone and USB plug-ins while the phone is securely nested inside.

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    Jabra WAVE Bluetooth Headset

    The Jabra Wave Bluetooth headset has a fantastic design that fully facilitates all the functions required for a Jabra® WAVE Bluetooth Headset headset. It has a slim chic style and is exceptionally comfortable. You will love the voice over feature that is integrated with this headset. If there is any interruption in your connections during a conversation, the headset will inform you via voice note alert. It also tells you when your battery is running low and needs to recharge.

    The Jabra Wave Bluetooth headset is a great Nokia E7 accessory to have; Additionally, it provides clear reception and eliminates wind and background noises from interfering with your conversations. You can talk for up to 6 hours on your Bluetooth headset before even considering a recharge.

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    Sony Ericsson Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    This portable Bluetooth speaker is compatible with the Nokia E7; it connects wirelessly allowing you toSony Ericsson MBS-200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker  listen to high quality music wire free. You will find the volume can be controlled from the phone or the speakers. It also has external inputs that plug-in to a PC or MP3 player, providing an alternative for listening to your favorite songs. Additionally, there is an OLED display on top that shows the name of the track playing from your phone.

    The portable Bluetooth speaker has a very stunning design and compact form; it weighs very little, which makes it highly resourceful. It has a built-in battery so you can take it anywhere.

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    Nexxus PowerBoost Pro Emergency Charger

    This is the ultimate emergency charging solution, and for that reason is one of the top Nokia e& accessories. The Nexxus PowerBoost is powered by two 2000mAh high-Nexxus PowerBoost Pro Emergency Charger capacity rechargeable AA batteries, and has the capacity to fully charge your Nokia E7 twice on a single charge. There is an indicator-light to show charging level, and an automatic cut-off control that stops charging the battery once it is completely charged. You will find this Nexxus charger is small and light for optimal portability and its package includes a USB port so it can be used to charge any portable device.

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    OmniHolder Case Compatible In Car Solution

    This is a great Nokia E7 accessory for traveling; it is designed to allow users to view their smartphone in OmniHolder Case Compatible In Car Solution either landscape or portrait modes and either on a car's windscreen or dashboard. Its design size is small, so it does not obscure your view of the road when driving. The OmniHolder uses a ball joint system so you can position your device at any angle making it easy and convenient to use in your car.

    The holder comes with a multi-surface adhesive plate and suction mount, which allows you to affix onto your dashboard and/or windscreen for superb grip, ensuring that your Nokia E7 stays in place and does not fall and sustain damages.

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    If you're looking for a great phone case to go with your Nokia E7, check out these top cases to Protect Your Nokia E7.

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