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Accessorize Your Samsung Infuse

written by: Claudine Baugh•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/21/2011

Be in control all the time with these Samsung Infuse accessories, you never have to worry about getting the best usage from your phone with this list of accessories. Each of the items here have been chosen to optimize functionality, accessibility and convenience when using your Samsung Infuse.

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    Infuse Yourself

    This is your one stop source for the best accessories for the Samsung Infuse. Take a look at this selection for the Samsung Infuse and a few other devices, see what each of them has to offer and which best suits your needs. Go ahead, infuse yourselves. You may also be interested in the best Samsung Infuse cases.

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    Jabra Bluetooth Headset

    This Bluetooth headset has a long list of great features but is most recognized for the LCD display Jabra Bluetooth Headset screen that indicates when the headset is connected and also shows the status of the battery level. Additionally, it has multi-function buttons for answering and ending calls; call holding and waiting; quick redialing & integrated volume control. The headset has faster pairing and connections and low power consumption. It can pick up wireless connections to Bluetooth compatible devices up to 30 feet away and can allow up to 6 hours of crisp clear talk time.

    This Jabra Bluetooth headset is a great pick as its design is not too bulky, it is lightweight and can be used with or without an ear hook, also the ear hook can comfortably fit either ear.

    [Link to Buy]

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    Cellet Retractable Micro-USB Car Charger

    The last thing you want is another bulky piece of gadgetry taking up space in your ride, and who Cellet Retractable Micro-USB Car Charger can stand the cords all over the place? Certainly not me; which is why this retractable micro USB car charger makes the ideal phone charging solution on the go. Among its features, this product is lightweight, tiny and loaded with dexterity qualities – the retractable cord reels in and out to the required lengths and zips in as soon as you’re done charging. The USB port allows for device versatility and let it be noted, this Cellet charger is also compatible with a long list other devices, see the device listings on the purchase link below.

    Additionally, it has a rubberized coating to aid in its handling; it is defiant to over heating; protected against short circuiting and allows non-interrupted charging even while the phone is being used.

    [Link to Buy]

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    Mobile Phone Solar Charger

    One of the best accessories you can get for your Samsung Infuse is a solar charger, it is the ultimate Mobile Phone Solar Charger charging solution whether you're on the go, a green freak or simply if there is just no electricity. It can be recharged from any computer, wall outlet (USB charger) or through sunlight – so you will see it can withstand high temperatures for extended periods. It takes 6 to 8 hours to fully charge and has an LED indicator light to show when the solar charger is getting power and when it has been fully charged.

    Its design is lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket so you can charge your phone wherever you go. This resourceful device can work with a long list of mobile phones, check this purchase link below to see the listings.

    [Link to Buy]

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    Micro USB Dual Port Charger & Retractable USB Cable

    Why settle for a basic Samsung Infuse charger when you can get a multi purpose dual port charger? Micro-USB Compact Dual-Port Travel Charger TheRetractable USB Cable  sale price on this product is only $14.95 and it comes equipped with a convenient dual port USB-based adapter and retractable USB cable to charge your phone in any standard wall outlet.

    The micro dual-port charger allows you to charge 2 devices when paired with the compatible USB cable. The detachable and retractable USB cable provides convenient portability and can be used separately. It has a folding blade design that provides easy storage and transport.

    [Link to Buy]

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    Samsung Universal Car Mount

    Another great Samsung Infuse accessory is this trendy and ergonomic car mount. This featuredSamsung Universal Car Mount  model is a universal car mount, compatible with a long list of Samsung devices, MP3/MP4 players, PDAs, PSPs, or GPS devices. It has an adjustable grip arm that can hold devices ranging from 40mm to 120mm wide. There is also an adjustable control to tilt the arm for convenient positioning and viewing.

    This car mount is easy to install and remove, making it quite simple for you to put in different vehicles so you never have to compromise for its convenience.

    [Link to Buy]

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    More Accessories

    Here are some more great Samsung Infuse accessories: -

    iFoam Foaming Screen Cleaner Sd Card bluetooth headset and charger 

    Samsung Bluetooth Headset and Charger - [Link to Buy]

    SanDisk Mobile microSDHC 32GB Card - [Link to Buy]

    iFoam Foaming Screen Cleaner - [Link to Buy]

    Film Shield & Screen Protector - [Link to Buy]

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