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Best LG Accolade Accessories

written by: Vasanth•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 3/30/2011

Accessorize your LG Accolade flip phone with several items. The Bluetooth headset, extended battery, and travel charger are among the most useful LG Accolade accessories. The screen protector, push to talk headset, and the car charger round out the list.

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    The LG Accolade VX5600 flip phone is a compact phone featuring a 1.3 megapixel camera and Bluetooth connectivity. The clamshell design easily slips into your pocket, and the exterior screen conveniently displays the time, battery status, and network. It features Internet browsing and location based services. To enhance the functionality of the LG Accolade, consider the following accessories.

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    Travel Charger

    Travel Charger LG Accolade Accessory An essential accessory for the LG Accolade is the travel charger. When your phone runs out of power, you'll be glad that a travel charger is nearby. The charging cable connects to the phone, and the power adapter connects to any standard outlet. It can be used at home or at the office. The compact design of the travel charger makes it easier to pack and take with you. This is definitely a plus for those that travel a lot. The Travel Charger is available at HandHeldItems for $4.99.

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    Screen Protector

    LG Accolade Screen Protector A great way to protect the LG Accolade is by applying a screen protector. This precautionary accessory extends the life of the phone, even if you don't use it in conjunction with a case. The clear film covers the entire screen and protects it from scratches. It also prevents glare, which helps improve the visibility of the screen. The film resists finger print smudges, and it doesn't leave a residue on the screen. Applying the film can be fiddly and annoying though, especially when dust or air bubbles get trapped between the film and the screen. The Screen Protector is available at AccessoryGeeks for $6.99.

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    Retractable Car Charger

    Retractable Car Charger LG Accolade Accessory Another one of the LG Accolade accessories that charges the phone's battery, is the retractable car charger. It is designed to charge the battery by connecting to the car's cigarette lighter port. The charging cable connects to the phone via the USB cable, and it retracts into the charger when not in use. This streamlines the entire unit and prevents annoying wire tangles. It's an essential accessory for those that spend a lot of time driving. The Retractable Car Charger is available at HandHeldItems for $6.99.

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    LG OEM 1500 mAh Extended Battery

    LG OEM 1500 mAH Extended Battery LG Accolade Accessory A handy accessory to have, especially when you don't have a battery charger with you, is the LG OEM 1500 mAh Extended Battery. It is a backup battery that replaces the existing LG Accolade battery. Remove the old battery and insert the extended battery. The extended battery has a capacity of 1500 mAh, which is enough for several hours of talk time. A concern with the extra capacity is the size of the battery, as it requires an extended battery door (sold separately) to cover it (the standard battery door is too small for it). The LG OEM 1500 mAh Extended Battery is available at HandHeldItems for $29.99.

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    LG HBM-570 Bluetooth Headset

    LG HBM 570 Bluetooth Headset Make and take calls without holding the phone, with the LG HBM-570 Bluetooth Headset. The Bluetooth connection has a range of 30 feet, which is enough to walk and talk around a room, away from the phone, without losing the connection. This is great phone accessory for multitasking. The sound quality is enhanced through a few technologies, including echo cancellation and the use of dual microphones. The headset needs to be charged regularly, which can be a hassle though. Other than that, the headset is a great accessory for hands-free calling. The LG HBM-570 Bluetooth Headset is available at AccessoryGeeks for $49.99.

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    Motorola Mono Push to Talk Headset

    Motorola Mono Push to Talk Headset One of the many alternative LG Accolade accessories to the Bluetooth headset is the Motorola Mono Push to Talk Headset. It utilizes a physical connection to the phone via a 2.5 mm jack. As a call comes in, simply push the answer button to talk. It features an earbud instead of the wrap-around earloop found on Bluetooth headsets. The Motorola Mono Push to Talk Headset is available at AccessoryGeeks for $3.99.

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    After buying the LG Accolade flip phone, consider adding a few of the accessories mentioned above. The extended battery is ideal for emergencies, and the screen protector improves the durability of the phone. Make hands-free calls with the LG Bluetooth headset or the Motorola push to talk headset. All these accessories improve the LG Accolade phone experience considerably.

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