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Best Palm Pre Plus Accessories

written by: Vasanth•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 3/28/2011

Enhance the features of the Palm Pre Plus smartphone with a few accessories. The Palm Touchstone Charging Dock, Palm Vehicle Power, and Palm Bluetooth Headset are among the most useful Palm Pre Plus accessories. The screen protector, standard battery, and holster clip round out the list.

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    Palm Bluetooth Headset

    Palm Bluetooth Headset Pair the webOS smartphone, the Palm Pre Plus, to the Palm Bluetooth Headset via a wireless Bluetooth connection and take advantage of hands-free calling. It has a talk time of five hours and a standby time of 70 hours. You can wear the headset comfortably with an earpiece that fits you (there are three different sizes). The headset has a range of over 30 feet which is more than enough to ensure a stable connection. The Palm Bluetooth Headset is available at AccessoryGeeks for $39.99.

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    Palm Touchstone Charging Dock

    Palm Touchstone Charging Dock Palm Pre Plus Accessory A stylish accessory to have on a desktop or nightstand is the Palm Touchstone Charging Dock. This is one of the Palm Pre Plus accessories that recharges the phone's battery. Place the phone in the dock and use the features of the phone while it is charging. You can view videos, receive notifications, and make calls. The call is automatically placed on speakerphone when the phone is connected to the dock and switches back to the earpiece when you pick the phone up. The Palm Touchstone Charging Dock is available at the HP Official Store for $49.99.

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    Screen Protector

    Palm Pre Plus Screen Protector An essential accessory to have, if you want to increase the durability of the Palm Pre Plus, is the screen protector. It is a thin, clear film that covers the surface of the screen and shields it from scratches. It also prevents glare, which makes the screen more vibrant. The material resists finger print smudges, and it doesn't leave a residue on the screen. The Screen Protector is available at AccessoryGeeks for $6.99.

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    Palm Standard Battery

    Palm Standard Battery Palm Pre Plus Accessory A handy accessory to have when the Palm Pre Plus runs out of power is the Palm Standard Battery. It is especially useful when you aren't near a wall outlet to charge the phone. Simply remove the back cover and take out the old battery and replace it with the new one. It has enough capacity to provide several hours of talk time. The Palm Standard Battery is available at the HP Official Store for $49.99.

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    Holster w/ Swivel Clip

    Palm Pre Plus Holster Clip the Palm Pre Plus to your waist with a holster clip. It fits tightly around the phone and features a swivel clip that rotates for easy access to the phone. The clip can be attached to the belt or pocket, and the phone is easily removed from the holster. The Holster with Swivel Clip is available at AccessoryGeeks for $8.99.

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    Palm Vehicle Power Charger

    Palm Vehicle Power Charger Palm Pre Plus Accessory Another one of the Palm Pre Plus accessories that charges the phone's battery is the Palm Vehicle Power Charger. It is a handy accessory to have in the car. Charge the phone through the car's power socket. It features a micro-USB charging cable that detaches for easy storage. The Palm Vehicle Power Charger is available at the HP Official Store for $29.99.

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    After buying the Palm Pre Plus smartphone, consider adding a few of the accessories mentioned above. The charging dock and the holster clip are great for holding the phone while you do other things. Keep a standard battery around for emergencies.

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