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Best Samsung Strive Accessories

written by: Kristina Dems•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 2/24/2011

Samsung Strive accessories come in all shapes and sizes from different manufacturers. Determining which ones are best for you depends on their quality and your needs.

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    Samsung Strive accessories enhance your experience using your mobile phone. They provide additional storage for your data, security for when you are driving, or battery energy when you are about to run out. Here are some recommended products for your Samsung Strive.

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    Gomadic Universal Charging Station

    Gomadic Universal Charging Station The Gomadic Universal Charging Stations, is a wall charger that can support up to four devices at once. It includes a tip designed for the Samsung Strive which ensures you that you can always charge your Strive using this dock. Tips for other types of mobile phones can be purchased separately, so you can charge your other devices too. It is designed with a minimalistic look, so you can place it anywhere and it would still comply with the interior design of your room. It is equipped with a feature that prevents overcharging and short circuits, giving you a secure way of charging your phone.

    Price: $49.95

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    Home Travel Wall Charger, Rapid Car Charger and USB Data Charge Sync Cable

    Samsung Strive A687 Premium Home Travel Wall Charger + Rapid Car Charger + USB Data Charge Sync Cable This is a complete solution for your charging needs. You can charge your battery by using a wall socket, a car cigarette lighter port, or your computer via USB connection. The car and wall chargers feature an IC chip that prevents overcharging. The USB data sync cable not only allows you to charge your phone, it also lets you transfer audio, video and other phone data between your Strive and your computer, with the help of your Strive bundled software.

    Price: $7.75

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    Professional Kingston MicroSD 2GB Card with Custom Formatting and Standard SD Adapter

    Professional Kingston MicroSD 2GB This microSD memory card is specifically designed to consume little energy from your battery, and it is compatible with all devices that have a microSD card slot, such as the Samsung Strive. This means you can transfer data between mobile devices both easily and at speed. You can also transfer data between your phone and devices that do not support microSD technology, but support standard SD technology by using the standard SD adapter.

    Price: $6.32

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    Screen Protector Film

    Samsung Strive A687 Screen Protector 

    Scratch proof your Samsung Strive LCD screen with this screen protector film. This film is made specifically for the Strive and it is pre-cut to fit directly on your LCD screen. The film has a special feature which reduces the glare and screen reflection, providing users a more comfortable mobile phone experience. Installation is as easy as sticking a clear adhesive to your phone. In removing or replacing the film, there's no extra work or worry since it does not leave adhesive marking. This item comes with a soft micro-fiber cloth for cleaning purposes.

    Price: $6.99

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    Car Vent Holder

    Car Vent Holder for the Samsung Strive One of the must-have Samsung Strive accessories for people who have cars, is a holder mount. This device secures your phone while you're in the car without causing scratches on your phone's body. This particular car vent holder is designed to mount on most kinds of vent systems. It is also easy to mount and dismount on vents, causing no damage to them whatsoever.

    Price: $24.95

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