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Best Samsung Rogue Accessories

written by: Vasanth•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 1/7/2011

Some of the accessories available on the market for the Samsung Rogue include the car charger, travel charger, and backup battery. Additional Samsung Rogue accessories include the Bluetooth headset, screen protector, and carry case.

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    Samsung Car Charger

    Car Charger The Samsung Car Charger is an essential Samsung Rogue accessory to have in the car. It charges the phone by connecting it to the car's lighter socket. The long charging cable lets you easily take calls while the phone is charging. The Samsung Car Charger is available at WirelessGround for $9.95.

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    Samsung Retractable Travel Charger

    Travel Charger Another one of the Samsung Rogue accessories that charge the battery is the Samsung Retractable Travel Charger. It features two folding prongs that fit any standard wall outlet and a charging cable that retracts when a button is pressed. It takes up a very small space, which makes it an ideal accessory to take with you while traveling. The Samsung Retractable Travel Charger is available at WirelessGround for $9.95.

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    Samsung 960mAh Standard Battery

    Standard Battery If you don't have access to a travel charger or a car charger, the next best way to power the Samsung Rogue is with a standard battery. The standard battery for the Samsung Rogue is a lithium ion battery that has a capacity of 960 mAh. This translates to about two hours of talk time and about 80 hours of standby time. The Samsung 960mAh Standard Battery is available at OnlyTheRogue for $29.99.

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    Samsung WEP650 Bluetooth Headset

    Bluetooth Headset One of the Samsung Rogue accessories that extend the functionality of the phone is the Samsung WEP650 Bluetooth Headset. It provides hands-free communication through a Bluetooth connection. The headset pairs with any Bluetooth 2.0 capable phone. You can answer and end calls with the push of a button. The headset has a wireless range of about 33 feet, which lets you walk away from the phone, without losing the connection. On a full charge, the headset has a talk time of about six hours and a standby time of about 150 hours. The charging cradle comes with the headset. The Samsung WEP650 Bluetooth Headset is available at OnlyTheRogue for $46.99.

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    Samsung U960 Screen Protector

    Screen Protector Another useful accessory to have is the Samsung U960 Screen Protector. The transparent cover is designed to protect the screen from dirt and damage. It is designed to prevent scratches from occurring on the screen and reduce the build-up of dust. Another feature of the screen protector is that it reduces glare, which makes it easier to view the screen outdoors under sunlight. The Samsung U960 Screen Protector is available at OnlyTheRogue for $6.99.

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    Samsung Horizontal Leather Case

    Leather Case Consider carrying the Samsung Rogue in the Samsung Horizontal Leather Case. It is designed to protect the phone from damage. It features a strap that closes both sides of the case. Also, there is a belt clip and belt loop, which lets you attach the case to your pocket or belt. The Samsung Horizontal Leather Case is available at OnlyTheRogue for $13.99.