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Best Motorola Milestone Accessories

written by: Vasanth•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 1/6/2011

There are several accessories on the market for the Motorola Milestone including a Bluetooth headset, car charger, and car mount. Additional Motorola Milestone accessories include the docking station, screen protector, and backup battery.

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    Universal Bluetooth Headset H270

    Universal Bluetooth Headset H270 An accessory that extends the functionality of the Motorola Milestone, also known as the Motorola Droid, is the Universal Bluetooth Headset H270. When paired with the phone via a Bluetooth connection, the H270 Bluetooth headset can be used to make and take calls without holding the phone to your ear. The headset has several hours of talk time. When it needs to be charged, connect it to the accompanying travel charger. The Universal Bluetooth Headset H270 is available at Motorola for $29.99.

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    P513 microUSB Car Charger

    Car Charger One of the Motorola Milestone accessories that charge the phone is the P513 microUSB Car Charger. It is designed to charge the phone in the car, while you are driving. It features a microUSB cable that connects to the Motorola Milestone and an adapter for the car's cigarette lighter port. The phone can be used while it is charging. The microUSB cable stretches when you bring the phone close to you. This product is available at Motorola for $29.99.

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    Docking Station

    Docking Station Another one of the Motorola Milestone accessories that charges the phone is the docking station. It sits flat on a desktop and features an angled horizontal slot which fits the Motorola Milestone in the landscape position. At the rear, there is a compartment for an extra battery. The docking station is designed to sync with the phone, as well as charge the phone and extra battery. There is an LED power indicator that lights up when the phone is charging. You can purchase this product at for $11.99.

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    Car Mount

    Car Mount Another useful accessory for the Motorola Milestone is the car mount. It is designed to hold the phone securely while you are driving. The suction mount firmly attaches to the windshield, and the holder grasps the phone tightly. There is a swivel point that allows drivers to adjust the phone's position. The car mount is especially helpful when using the phone's map or navigation features. The car mount is available at TheCellGuru for $23.94.

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    Motorola BP6X Backup Battery

    Backup Battery A backup battery is always a good accessory to have, especially when the phone needs to be charged and there isn't a wall outlet nearby. Simply pop the existing battery out and insert the Motorola BP6X battery. It features a 3.7V lithium-ion polymer battery that has a capacity of 1300 mAh. It will power the phone for several hours. You can purchase the Motorola BP6X battery at TheCellGuru for $27.19.

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    Kagami Universal Mirrored Screen Protector

    screen protector The Kagami Universal Mirrored Screen Protector is an accessory designed to protect the screen of the Motorola Milestone. When the phone is on, the screen protector is transparent. When the phone is off, the screen protector is reflective, like a mirror. This screen protector is available at TheCellGuru for $10.82.