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Best Nokia 6350 Accessories

written by: Vasanth•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 1/4/2011

There are several useful accessories for the Nokia 6350. The cell phone case comfortably holds the phone on your hip, while the Bluetooth headset lets you talk to friends without having to hold the phone. Other Nokia 6350 accessories include the car charger, travel charger, memory card, and battery.

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    Backup Battery

    Nokia 6350 Standard Battery You never known when a backup battery will come in handy. It can be extremely useful when your phone loses power, and there isn't a wall outlet to be found. Simply remove the back case, pop out the existing battery, and replace it with a backup battery. The Nokia 6350 standard battery features a 3.7V lithium ion cell that has a capacity of 770 mAh. The battery is available at AccessoryGeeks for $21.99.

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    Luximo GT Series Car Charger

    Luximo GT Series Car Charger The Luximo GT Series Car Charger is another useful accessory to have. With it, you can charge the Nokia 6350 in the car, while you drive. It is convenient for those that spend a lot of time in the car. The car charger connects the Nokia 6350 to the car's lighter port with a micro-USB cable. The cable is long and stretches, which lets you bring the phone close to you while it is charging. Also, the charger has an indicator which tells you when the phone is charging. This car charger can be purchased at AccessoryGeeks for $12.99.

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    Premium Travel Wall Charger

    Premium Travel Wall Charger Another one of the Nokia 6350 accessories that is essential to have when traveling is the Premium Travel Wall Charger. The travel charger features a micro-USB cable and folding prongs. It connects to any wall outlet and supplies power to the phone via the micro-USB cable. The charger prevents overcharging and has an indicator that lets you know the phone is charging. This travel charger is available at AssessoryGeeks for $14.99.

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    Memory Card

    8GB microSD and adapter Nokia 6350 accessories that add storage capacity to the phone are definitely a necessity. With all the songs, videos, and pictures that you can download, the Nokia 6350 internal memory just won't cut it. The phone is compatible with a microSD card that has a storage capacity up to 16GB. Along with the microSD memory card, an SD card adapter is also a good accessory to have. The adapter is used to transfer data from a microSD card to a computer, using the SD card port on the computer. The 8GB microSD card and adapter are available as a bundle at AssessoryGeeks for $19.99.

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    Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-703

    Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-703 The Nokia 6350 flip phone has Bluetooth functionality, which allows it to pair with a compatible Bluetooth headset. The Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-703 transfers audio to and from the phone. It provides a way to make hands-free calls. With the touch of a button, you can answer and end calls. It is available at Nokia for $71.99.

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    Body Glove Rally Universal Cell Phone Case

    Body Glove Rally Universal Cell Phone Case The Body Glove Rally Universal Cell Phone Case is designed to carry your cell phone on your hip. The case can be attached to the belt, and it features a swivel that rotates 180 degrees. This is useful for quickly removing the Nokia 6350 from the case. The flap securely covers the top of the phone. This case is available at for $9.99.