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Best Accessories for the BlackBerry Pearl 8130

written by: Vasanth•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 1/2/2011

After purchasing the BlackBerry Pearl 8130, consider getting accessories to increase its functionality. Some useful BlackBerry 8130 Pearl accessories include a backup battery, car charger, and power station. Additional accessories include a Bluetooth keyboard, car mount, and case protector.

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    BlackBerry C-M2 Standard Battery

    BlackBerry C-M2 Standard Battery It's never a good thing when your BlackBerry Pearl 8130 runs out of power. It's even worse when the BlackBerry dies in an area that doesn't have a wall outlet. The BlackBerry C-M2 Standard Battery solves this problem. As a backup battery, the C-M2 provides enough power to run your BlackBerry for several hours. It has a capacity of 900 mAh. Before its first use, it should be charged for about eight hours. So, be sure to charge it before venturing out. To purchase the BlackBerry C-M2 Standard Battery, visit this site.

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    Smartphone Experts Car Charger

    Smartphone Experts Car Charger One of the BlackBerry 8130 Pearl accessories that can be used in the car is Smartphone Experts Car Charger. It's a great device to have if you spend a lot of time traveling in the car. The charger features a mini-USB cable that connects to the phone and an adapter that connects to the car's power socket. In addition, the charger has a USB port, which can be used to power another device simultaneously. To purchase the Smartphone Experts Car Charger, visit this site.

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    BlackBerry Power Station

    BlackBerry Power Station The BlackBerry Power Station is a desktop charging apparatus for the BlackBerry 8130 Pearl. Not only does it charge the phone, it also has a dock for charging an extra battery, as well as a port for a Bluetooth headset. Most of the functions of the phone are available while it is charging. The current and voltage are constant, which reduces the time required to charge the battery. To purchase the BlackBerry Power Station, visit this site.

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    Case-Mate Clear Armor

    Case-Mate Clear Armor Consider protecting the screen of your BlackBerry 8130 Pearl with the Case-Mate Clear Armor. It is a protective film which covers the screen and casing of the BlackBerry. It is designed to prevent scratches and serve as a barrier between dirt and the phone. The film is applied with a solution, which is included with the product. To purchase the Case-Mate Clear Armor, visit this site.

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    iGrip Swivel Mount

    iGrip Swivel Mount Another one of the BlackBerry 8130 Pearl accessories that is used in the car is the iGrip Swivel Mount. Drivers no longer have to hold the BlackBerry in their hands. Simply slide the phone into the iGrip holder. The mount can be adjusted to various angles for optimum viewing. The entire apparatus is securely attached to either the windshield or dash, using a suction cup or power disc, respectively. To purchase the iGrip Swivel Mount, visit this site.

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    Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard

    Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard The Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard is an accessory that simplifies typing for the BlackBerry Pearl 8130. The foldable keyboard can control the functions of the phone by designating specific keys to activate specific functions. Typing messages and composing emails becomes easier and faster. To purchase the Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard, click this link.