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The IM+ App for Skype Reviewed

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 7/22/2010

The IM+ For Skype application has already been featured on various mobile operating systems, now its been seeded over to the WebOS by Palm. One huge advantage? A reworked interface that looks more Web 2.0 than any other IM+ Application to date. Keep reading to find out more.

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    Bright vibrant colors, easy to use interface, simple yet effective connectivity, those are only some of the features offered on the WebOS version of IM+ For Skype. When a user logs on they'll quickly be faced with the familiarity of the Skype for PC interface, albeit through the look of a smaller display.

    Simply click on a users name and choose whether or not you want to call them or chat online via Skype Messenger. The icons used on the application are large and setup for simple access. For example the call button is a large green option while the chat button is a large blue icon, both of which are "finger pressing friendly."

    Here's a quick look at several of the screens taken from the ShapeServices website (makers of the IM+ App):

    IM  For Skype 

    Once a user is chosen for chat you'll quickly notice that the application includes a threaded message screen that makes keeping track on your messaging extremely simple. The left side bubble shows your friends messages and the blue bubbles on the right show your own messages, it's that simple.

    You'll also notice in the included screenshot that the application features different icons at the top of the screen, including "contacts" alongside an "events" option and the call launch button. I personally like the call tag since it quickly launches an IM conversation into a phone call with a simple push of one button.

    IM+ for Skype also offers a nice set of carrier support connectivity options, including the ability to work on 3G networks (GSM and CDMA) without the need for a WiFi connection. I was able to connect very quickly on my local areas 3G network and the voice quality was just as good as I typically find on my PC when connected over DSL or Cable lines.

    Finally this program is built on the SkypeOut service which offers low international calling fees, while also providing cheap SMS capabilities both domestically and internationally.

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    Final Thoughts

    IM+ For Skype only costs $10 and can be downloaded from the official ShapeServices website, however they also offer a free 10 day trial of the app that utilizes all of the main apps functions.

    Whether you want to save money when traveling overseas or you simply want to send international SMS messages or phone calls this application is sleek, works as advertised and can utilize your carriers 3G networks with little to no lag times on calls.

    I highly recommend this application to any Skype users who want a fully mobile version of their favorite calling app without having to sacrifice the functionality of Skype.