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Toshiba K01 Review

written by: Shanna James•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/5/2010

The Toshiba K01 was initially debuted in February 2010 as a new and powerful Toshiba mobile phone oriented towards the messaging generation.

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    Qwerty-Cell-Phone-From-Toshiba-Toshiba-K01 Mobile messaging is one of the most popular requirements of smartphones as many people are wired to the Internet and are in need of a device that will constantly keep them connected to it. The Toshiba K01 runs Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system version 6.5.3 professional, and not only offers great messaging capabilities, but also attracts business professionals.

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    Toshiba K01 side 

    Toshiba K01 keyboard 

    The Toshiba K01 is well known for its large screen surface and slide out QWERTY keyboard. The K01's screen measures 4.1 inches and is a touchscreen display. The colors are vibrant due to Toshiba's high quality Regza LCD TV technology which they have incorporated into the device. The capacitive screen showcases brilliant colors and due to its operating system reacts swiftly to touch commands.

    Below the screen of the Toshiba K01 are three physical buttons. On the right side is the Inbox icon, the left shows the Call icon and the center is the Windows Icon which activates the start menu or home screen. On the sides of the device are a dedicated camera key, volume rocker, 3.5mm audio jack and USB port. On the back of the device is a 3.15 megapixel camera.

    The Toshiba K01 has also incorporated a QWERTY keyboard into its design. The keyboard features widely spaced and raised keys making it much easier to type by feel than it is on many other mobile devices. The keys are contained within 4 rows and include a large space bar. The screen of the Toshiba K01 also changes its orientation to landscape once the keyboard is slid out.

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    Toshiba K01 interface 

    The Toshiba K01 has a very easy to navigate user interface. The home screen features the time, date, battery level and service meter. Toshiba has installed their own personalised user interface on the K01 which looks like an icon carousel. Its exceptional graphics and speed make for a visually attractive phone interface.

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    toshiba KO1 

    The Toshiba K01 comes with several pre-installed applications such as YouTube and Facebook since it really is a messaging device. The Windows Marketplace app store can also be used to add even more icons and applications to the Toshiba K01.

    The K01 also includes several Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft Exchange allows the set up of messaging programs like Outlook. Pocket Office is also available so users can enter data or information into Word and Excel mobile.

    When it comes to entertainment the Toshiba K01 does not disappoint. The music player enables users to transfer their music library from the their PC or microSD card and you can also wirelessly share tunes with friends via Bluetooth. Music and videos can also be downloaded via the Internet.

    The 3.15 megapixel camera on the Toshiba K01 is a decent camera when taking shots in natural light. Although it does not have a flash feature the camera is still capable of taking great pictures and producing great video.

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    The Toshiba K01 operates under Windows Mobile 6.5.3 operating system and has a processor speed of up to 1 GHz which is becoming the norm for many smartphones on the market today. It is available with 256MB of memory which can be upgraded to around 32GB of external space. The Toshiba K01 also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

    The K01's QWERTY keyboard slides out and in almost inaudibly and its fast operating system makes for a quick device. The touchscreen responds well and is appropriately touch sensitive. The Toshiba K01's camera is not to be quickly sideswiped as it does offer intense photo quality, although a flash feature would have been a great addition.

    Music and video quality on the Toshiba K01 is also a great addition to any device. Sounds are crisp and clear and videos stream without much pause.

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    New smartphone technologies emerge almost daily but the Toshiba K01 promises a few features that smartphones have rarely achieved. Its large 4.1 inch display is once such exceptional feature as well as its broad QWERTY keyboard. This messaging phone is certainly a match for any other device. Toshiba's unique interface also allows the large display and vibrant graphics to shine through on this thin and light device.

    The Toshiba K01 sounds like an exceptional device but has yet to be released in the Western hemisphere. As a result the K01 and its price are not known. With Windows Phone 7 now out it seems unlikely the Toshiba K01 will get a release in its current form but perhaps an update to WP7 is on the cards.