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Sony Ericsson C905a Review

written by: Shanna James•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 7/7/2011

The name Sony is widely known in electronics and Sony Ericsson mobile phones are also popular. This article is a review of the Sony Ericsson C905a mobile phone. See what the fuss is all about and draw your own conclusions.

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    Sony Ericsson C905a

    SE C905a back 

    SE C905a The Sony Ericsson C905a cell phone's best feature is its camera capabilities. High-end camera phones are rare and as a result they are a much needed commodity for people everywhere. The Sony Ericsson c905a was developed to house one of the largest megapixel cameras ever to be on a cell phone. AT&T picked up the c905a when it was finally released into the U.S.

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    Design and User Interface

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    sony-ericsson-c905a-cell-phone SE C905a angle The Sony Ericsson C905a falls into the candybar phone category but it is relatively thick and rather weighty at 4.8 ounces. The body of the phone is mainly plastic with a light silver coat. The phone is a stylish accessory with its angular edges and thick body which leans towards to the more classic styling of older phone models. It’s available in silver and black.

    The C905a's keys are flat with ridges in between the buttons perfect for dialing and typing almost blindly. The phone’s display is at a resolution of 240x320 and measures 2.5 inches. These display specifications are rather small but on a positive note it does not reflect shine outdoors unlike many OLED phone displays.

    SE C905a dpad SE C905a numpad The Sony Ericsson C905a has a simple interface with quick selection keys at either end of the bottom of the screen and a large area for a wallpaper of your choice. The battery meter, service bar and additional alerts are featured on the top corners of the screen. The phone's menu consists of icons for the inbox, camera function, settings, games etc.

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    SE C905a lens se-c905-02 This phone's camera capabilities are remarkable. It is almost as if making it a phone was an afterthought. It is perfect for people looking for an all in one device with exceptional photo capture features. The camera boasts an 8.1 megapixel resolution and an LED focusing light, Xenon flash and f2.8 lens which makes for great low light and night shots.

    Some of the phone's other features included GPS navigation that works alongside AT&T's Navigator, also commonly known as TeleNav. Its multimedia options are great. It is able to navigate, view and play photos, videos, games and music. The phone stores all this media within its internal memory or an M2 card. The phone unfortunately does not support Wi-Fi technology but email is accessible with AT&T's Mobile Exchange support. The NetFront web browser also enables full HTML to be loaded and read.

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    SE C905a hand The Sony Ericsson C905a phone works on a quad band GSM network so it is able to work anywhere in the world that GSM service is available. The voice quality of the phone is excellent while the reception may be a bit dodgy in some areas.

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    Rating Average

    The Sony Ericsson C905a is excellent as a camera phone with a high end photo capture feature and additional features for games, music and video play. If you are out looking for a great phone and a great camera look for the Sony Ericsson C905a in stores nationwide.