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How to Download and Install Themes for your Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone

written by: Sandy Samra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 8/27/2010

Personalize your Sony Ericsson by changing the appearance of your device. Themes change the wallpaper, color and make the appearance of your phone unique. Here’s how you can download themes for your Sony Ericsson devices.

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    Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones

    Although Sony Ericsson phones are loaded with exciting default features, you may still want to personalize according to your taste. One such feature that users like to change the most is the theme. You can change themes in two ways; either download the theme to your mobile via WAP or download and install the theme specifically designed for your phone via the web.images 

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    Using WAP

    • Before you begin to download themes for your Sony Ericsson, make sure your subscription supports WAP and its settings are stored on your device. WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol, mostly used for accessing mobile web from a mobile phone or PDA. It provides basic services like email, news updates and downloads. To download a theme for a Sony Ericsson, enter the application via WAP.
    • Scroll to ‘Pictures & Sounds, More Themes’ or in some devices, locate ‘File Manager’ and select ‘Themes’.
    • Click to select ‘Sony Ericsson’ and press ‘Go To’. The phone connects to the Sony Ericsson fun and download WAP site, where the latest themes are available.
    • Browse the list of available themes and select the one you like.
    • Before you click download, make sure that your phone has enough memory to store the theme because the download stops if there is not enough memory to store the theme.
    • Now click download.
    • Once the download is completed, click ‘More’ and scroll to ‘exit WAP’.
    • New downloaded themes are either saved in ‘Pictures & Sounds, Themes’ or in File Manager, ‘Themes’.
    • To install the new theme select the theme and click ‘apply’.Still Life theme for Sony Ericsson 
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    From Internet

    • Select a website from where you intend to download the theme for your Sony Ericsson. Browse through the list of available themes.
    • Once you have found the theme you wish to download, click ‘download’.
    • A download pop-up will appear. Follow the instructions and save the theme to a designated folder.
    • There are two methods to install the theme on your Sony Ericsson mobile phone; via Bluetooth or via USB cable.Themes 
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    Via Bluetooth

    • Open the folder where you have saved the theme.
    • Right click on the saved file. From the menu click on the ‘send to’ option and select ‘Bluetooth’.
    • Another menu will expand giving you a list of mobile devices with Bluetooth switched on. By this point make sure that the Bluetooth of your mobile phone is switched on.
    • Select your mobile phone from the list and click on it.
    • The file transfer will begin and your theme will be automatically saved in the ‘Themes’ folder of your mobile device.
    • To install the new theme, select the theme and click ‘Apply’.sony-ericsson-themes 
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    Via USB Cable

    • Connect your mobile phone with your computer via USB cable.
    • Open the folder on your computer where you have saved the downloaded theme. Leave the window open.
    • Now open ‘My Computer’. Locate the ‘removable drive’ that is your mobile phone.
    • Open the ‘Themes’ folder of your mobile device.
    • Next, simply copy the new theme from your computer and paste it in your mobile phone’s ‘Themes’ folder.
    • Close the windows and safely unplug your mobile phone from your computer.
    • The new theme can now be installed on your phone. Select the theme and click to apply.