Learn How To Sync Google Services With Your Palm Pre. Step-By-Step Setup Guide.

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How To Setup Google Online Services On The Palm Pre

Begin by setting up a Gmail account. These accounts are free and can be created by visiting www.gmail.com and clicking on “register” link to create an account. You will then be asked to enter your name and some other information, along with a “username” and “password” which will both be needed to access your full line of Google Services.

Next we’ll setup the Google services on our Palm Pre. Begin by opening the “Contacts” menu on your phone. Next you’ll navigate to the “Application Menu” and then press the “Preferences & Accounts” option from that menu. Find and tap on “Add An Account” at which point you’ll choose “Google.”

Enter in your Google account username and password on your Palm Pre and choose the complete option.

After entering in your username and password your Palm Pre will then automatically setup all of your Google Services which include:

  • Google Calendar
  • Gmail email
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Talk (Gmail chat) username in Messaging app

It’s important to note that you do not need to have any information setup in any of these apps at this time. For example, the “Google Contacts” section will be setup on your device, even if you have not setup any Contacts via Google Services at this time.

Once you begin adding appointments and other information to your calendar, add contacts to your Google Contacts application and receive emails to your new Gmail account they will automatically sync with your phone and your online account. This ensures that both accounts share the exact same information. For example add a new appointment on your phone and it shows via the online calender and vice versa.

Google Talk can also be accessed directly from your Palm Pre. This application works in the same manner as AOL Instant Messenger and allows you to add/delete friends, check away messages and add your own and much more. The Gmail Chat application is accessed through your Palm Pre messaging app and will already offer your username and password once you setup your account.

The Palm Pre Google Services setup was built into the device for quick and simple setup and with device sycning every 15 minutes you’re sure to quickly and efficiently receive all of your Gmail emails and other service updates quickly.