Palm Pre Hash Codes: Using Special Codes To Launch Certain Features

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What Are Pre Hash Codes

##RUN# - This option will give you the total minutes, data usage and other Pre usage specs. On a quick note, I wouldn’t suggest using the drop down options unless you know what you’re doing as it could mess up the WebOS configuration.

##GPS# - When you tap “Get Fix” it will provide you with basic GPS coordinates including speed, altitude, latitude, longitude.

##TTY# - This is a great option if you are hearing impaired. This hash code turns on and off the TTY option.

##DEBUG# - This will give you the current tower strength in any area you may be in at any given time. If you see a Zero that’s good, zero is the best strength reading available.

*2 - Customer service number for Sprint. This one is probably known by most customers, but still a great option.

*3 - Make a payment to Sprint over the phone.

*4 - Check your account balance and the amount of minutes you’ve used.

Some Hash Codes You Should Never Use If Your Not An Expert:

##EVDO# - Don’t use this unless you know what it does, it can cause your phone to brick if incorrectly handled.

#VPON# - This turns voice privacy on. Don’t touch this function unless you are specifically told you need to press it.

#VPOFF# - Turns voice privacy off. Again don’t use this feature unless specifically told to do so.

##DATA# - This is a good option if you’re told to reset your internet services. Once you enter this option it will auto reset your services.

Again I can’t stress enough the important of avoiding some of these features if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are also other hash codes that I haven’t included for the simple fact that they will more than likely cause the phone to become inoperable if you use them without the proper expert experience needed to navigate there options.