LG Dare vs LG Versa: Which is Better and Why?

The LG Versa is a unique touch-screen device with customizable home screens and a detachable QWERTY keyboard module. The LG Dare is also a touch-screen phone, and it has a 3.2MP camera and drag-and-drop menu icons. Though both these phones appear identical, they are different in many ways. Here’s how!


LG Dare

LG Versa

The LG Dare is almost exactly the same size as the LG Versa, but the Dare has a noticeably larger touch screen. It measures 4.1 x 2.2 x 0.5 inches and is 0.13 inches wider than the Versa. Despite being wider, the LG Versa has a sharper screen with a 240 x 480 pixel resolution, instead of the 240 x 400 pixel resolution found on the Dare.

Keyboard and Navigation

The LG Dare’s on-screen QWERTY keypad is spacious and better than the LG Versa's. The letters are bigger and with each key press the selected letter pops out, so you know which one you’ve selected. On the other hand, Versa's on screen QWERTY keypad is comparatively difficult to use, causing a lot of typing errors. But, the add-on QWERTY keypad module makes texting much easier on the Versa.

The Dare’s ‘scattered’ animated user interface is fun but the fun wears off rather quickly and you end up switching to the static UI. While the Dare’s

smart menu

fluid interface is fun to use, you’ll appreciate the 3D interface on the Versa. Swiping your finger across the touch screen on the Versa will toggle you through three customizable home screens; one for your favorites, a second for your regular shortcuts and the third for multimedia shortcuts.

LG Dare’s menu interface is very confusing because it has two menus, which are very similar to each other. One is the customizable home screen menu and the other is the shortcuts menu that pops out when you press the small arrow icon located on the right hand side of the screen.

The LG Versa, on the other hand, offers a better main menu interface that can also be changed into a ‘smart menu’ that displays a list of options on the left hand side that you can select from and actions on the right hand side.


Though both the phones have similar features like EV-DO, GPS, stereo Bluetooth, and a microSD card, LG Versa’s add on modules makes it unique and expand its capabilities. Both mobile phones can be tethered and there's no Wi-Fi on either model.

Multimedia and Web Browsing

The Dare holds the upper hand in the camera department, offering a 3.2-megapixel camera with customization galore, whereas the Versa's 2 megapixel camera is a letdown, although it still has lots of features. Both phones support VCast music and video services that stream prerecorded clips over the EV-DO network.

LG Dare's HTML Web browser loads web pages in seconds and it skillfully utilizes the phone's accelerometer to view them in landscape mode. However, you won't be pleased with the lack of Wi-Fi and Flash support. On the other hand the LG Versa supports Flash Lite 3, but navigating the browser can be quite annoying.


The LG Dare vs LG Versa comparison has finally come to an end and choosing a winner depends on what you are looking for in a mobile phone. If you are an avid texter, then the LG Versa, with an external keyboard module is for you. Otherwise, the LG Dare with smooth web browsing and better multimedia features might be the way to go.


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