LG Mobile Phones

Are you an LG devotee? Do you have a loyalty to the LG style of phones that come to market because of their reliability and performance? Are you on the lookout for a new mobile and like what you hear and see about LG? Or maybe you are simply browsing many makes and models of mobile? If so, welcome to the LG Channel here at Bright Hub…
As one of the largest and most popular providers of mobile phone technologies, LG is a forerunner for mobile communication and innovation. LG mobile phones and accessories have shaped the industry for years, and continue to do so. Now with impressive offerings such as the InTouch, Pop and Chocolate camera and touch phones, there is an abundance of choice in the LG portfolio that caters to every mobile users needs. For the novice to the expert, here we help you get the most from LG as a professional and social organizer, and as a mobile communications manufacturer.
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Best 5 New LG Mobile Phones

Many new LG mobile phones are expected to come out this year 2010. Mobile phone lovers will love the great array of features offered by these handsets. Find out what LG Phones you should be including on your wish list as we check out the top five.

LG Tritan Detailed Review

The LG Tritan is an advanced touchscreen phone with multiple impressive features. With its excellent design and user interface, this phone is highly recommended to any user.