Commentary on iPhone in the News

iPhone. Love it. Hate it. There's no denying it changed the world of smartphones forever. But can it maintain its status as an industry leader and innovator within an increasingly competitive, and just as innovative, industry? In this topic, Bright Hub's writers look at the current news and trends shaping the future of Apple's iPhone and the mobile industry at large. They offer their commentary and opinion on iPhone in the news, as well any strengths or weakness in the company's strategies. Agree. Disagree. Laugh. But most of all, let readers and writers know what you think. Share your opinions in the comments and add your voice to the conversation.

Siri Problems? It’s a Worldwide Issue

Even if you weren’t wowed by the new hardware that distinguishes the iPhone 4S from the iPhone 4, you couldn’t fail to be impressed by the introduction of the all-helpful Siri. Or could you? Seems like not everyone is a fan of this killer feature, but why?

Apple is Dead? Don’t Be Ridiculous

It’s tough to think of any other company on the planet that provokes as much love and hate as Apple. With visionary leader, Steve Jobs, sadly gone and an iPhone 4S release rather than a brand spanking new iPhone 5, reports of the fall of Apple are rife.

Why the Apple iPhone 4S is Awesome

Oh, technology journalists, you’ve done it again. You’ve managed to over-hype your own false rumors about an upcoming Apple product to such a degree that the product released seems a bit “meh.” Hogwash, I say. The new iPhone 4S should not be dismissed.

There’s a Heavenly Reason for iPhone’s Retention Rate

We all know the iPhone is one heavenly device, but it turns out that actually it’s so desirable it takes the place of religion in our lives. Is this the reason for the impressively high iPhone retention rate or is it more than that? Why are these Apples stickier than caramel?

Why is the iPhone Not Cool Anymore? It’s a Dad Phone!

Everyone is excited about the upcoming release of the latest iPhone right? Well, not everybody, and I’m not talking about Android fanboys. Seems that iPhones just aren’t that cool anymore and although we might be excited to see the iPhone 5, the cool kids couldn’t care less.

Why You Shouldn’t Bother Waiting for the iPhone 5

Not a week (or day) goes by without another iPhone 5 rumor surfacing — sometimes not even iPhone 5 but iPhone 4S rumors. It has to be one of the most hotly anticipated arrivals in tech circles since… the last iPhone. So why get so excited about a phone we don’t really know anything about?