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Flying Above: Cows in Space Review

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 12/9/2009

Cows in Space is a free iPhone app that combines flying cows and ball-shooting into interstellar fun.

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    Mad Scientist

    We all know that genetic engineering is less than stable. With a little slip of the wrist, a few scientists have defied the conventional Newtonian laws and sent the Earth's bovine meal ticket into space. The cows have become to float in interstellar fashion. Thus is the basic premise of Cows in Space, a new free iPhone game from Donut Games. What this app brings is relatively familiar amongst the bouncing balls genre game, though there is a marked difference.

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    You goal, as the renegade pilot of our microscopic ship, is to rescue the flying cows and get them back to space. The only way to do that is to shoot pink balls toward the star-centered spheres in the level. Once those blue balls hit the bubbles containing the flying cows it will save them, bringing them back to earth. You have to maneuver the firing of your ammunition to send the direction of the blue transportation balls. When these blue balls get right down to your ship you can even try to remove the body of your vehicle to hit the balls competitively.

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    Easy on the iPhone

    This app has a relatively simple, yet fun design. It is built in with dozens of different challenges and enough different scenarios for cow rescue to keep you interested in all office waiting rooms. You continue through the game by completing locked levels and moving down the ladder, which is a fairly standard way of allowing you travel through the game while adding to the visual interface of interest. There are a few Options built in to let you affect the interface, but they are still relatively minor in comparison to the control you have over other iPhone downloads.

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    Modesty Isn't Free

    Overall, Cows in Space is a modest free iPhone game that does not bring very much to the table. This does not mean that it is not worth your download speed, but do not expect more than a modest title. This app is likely not going to take the kind of gameplay time that the more involved iPhone gaming franchises do, but you can still have a little fun with it. Donut Games does also use this as a platform to pitch their other iPhone games, but maybe you can forgive this temporarily. Six out of ten stars.