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Nabbed Gets You a Unique Caption

written by: dipima•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 7/10/2009

Nabbed is a fun application that allows iPhone users to create unique captions with the help of a number of hand-cut letters, question marks, numbers and exclamation points from magazines. Check out the iPhone application to know how to make the best caption.

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    A unique caption for your picture - this is what is created and developed by Nabbed, the interesting iPhone application. Its idea is innovative and attractive too. With Nabbed, iPhone users can apply hand-cut letters from various pages of magazines to create the caption of their photos. The iPhone application uses letters with unique color, style and font. Such a combination is really impressive when you find out the final caption. The receiver of the picture message will definitely get the message clear while enjoying it, it's a guarantee. The interface of the iPhone application is simple enough and easy to use. I think it's really appropriate to use among friends and colleagues if you are in a mood to play a little prank.

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    Innovation Strikes!

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    The features of Nabbed are quite impressive. Nabbed includes more than 500 unique letters, numbers and punctuation marks hand-cut from different magazines. Such letters give a unique look to the caption of the pictures. Creating captions is easy on your iPhone. You can select a photo from the camera files and type a caption. The words of the caption can be placed anywhere with just a single touch of your finger. Then just shake your iPhone in order to change the look of the letters. The Nabbed application will change the fonts, color and style of the letters. After it's done, simply save the caption along with the pic and send it to your friends. In order to edit the caption, you can tap on the reset button to start it all again. The iPhone application is fun to play. You can send important messages through the funny looking letters or simply create wallpapers with them for your iPhone. You can use pictures or simple crumbled paper for the captions, then type the caption, save it, or edit it by using the reset button.

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    Last Notes

    Nabbed can be downloaded from the App Store at $0.99. Nabbed is the best idea to play pranks with friends. With the additional numbers, question marks and exclamation points, all hand-cut out of magazines, the iPhone application is pretty cool to convey your message in fun way. Just try it once and you will never stop playing more innocent pranks!