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iCodes for Mafia Wars: Mafia Player ID Collection

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 7/2/2009

iCodes for Mafia Wars is nothing new, and nothing better.

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    Once and Again

    iCodes has done it again. Now they have come in with iCodes for Mafia Wars promising an all inclusive iPhone application to get Player IDs for your Mafia Wars account. The problems with iCodes for Mafia Wars continue from previous software in the iCodes library. In this the failure of Mafia Wars is not a unique one but instead a wing of the colossal miscalculation that iCodes has made.

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    Flat Boring

    iCodes for Mafia Wars has an identical design to the others. This time you get a single Player ID against a light brown background, which remains fairly stark in terms of graphic design. From here you can just tap the screen to switch to the next Player ID in the list. This is a tiresome process that takes quite a bit of time to get a large number of Player IDs.

    You still have to go back and forth between iCodes for Mafia Wars and your Mafia Wars account to invite these players, which could be done much easier if you just had a large list that was independent of your iPhone to look at. There is a web component that you can check, which is located at Thankfully, you do not have to have purchased iCodes for Mafia Wars to check out this list.


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    Enter Your Player ID

    Once you have purchased and installed iCodes for Mafia Wars you have the ability to add your Player ID to the available list, and put it on the website. This is the best option you have as making your Player ID to the largest number of people is the best way to get a huge Family. This is done even easier by posting it on open web boards so that anyone who plays can see.


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    Pass On It

    iCodes for Mafia Wars offers some other features but they are so inane and boring that they hardly work in its favor. Over all there is no reason to pay $0.99 for an application that would not help you even if it was free. Find ways to collect reward points or go online and find a free resource for Player IDs and you will have a better chance in Mafia Wars. Three out of ten stars.