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Vampires Live Code Booster: Clan Code Component

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 6/4/2009

Vampires Live Code Booster is a useless waste of your money, even if it works fairly well.

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    Friend Codes for Sale

    Vampires Live Code Booster is just another one of the applications attempting to capitalize on the popularity of text based iPhone RPGs without actually being a new game. Instead these applications, mainly from Code Booster and iCodes, offer up pay applications so that you can get a number of Friend Codes. This will allow you to add a number of other players so that they can complete high level missions and win fights, leading them to dominate in the virtual world of their choosing. The basic idea of these Friend Code applications is ridiculous as there are enough web resources and other opportunities to get Friend Codes that there would be no reason to pay for an application that would do this. Vampires Live Code Booster does the same thing, but in this case the Friend Codes are just called Clan Codes.

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    Clan Code Case

    Vampires Live Code Booster follows the same design clichés that the rest of the Code Booster series has. You get a main page with a large list of Clan Codes, each with information about the player and a switch to mark whether or not you have added them. There is a featured page where people bid using real money to get on top. This is a stupid addition that really just gives novices another reason to waste their money on Vampires Live. There is a news feed that is fairly useful, but you could also just get this off of the Vampires Live Twitter feed.

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    Everyone Needs a Boost

    Over all there is little reason to invest in Vampires Live Code Booster. Its $2.99 price tag would be too much even if it covered several text based iPhone RPGs, which would be a serious selling point. Its design is better than most, but even if it was free it would still be an awkward choice. It is time consuming to go back and forth between this application and Vampires Live entering codes. Using an online function is just easier in this way. You can also integrate their website at, yet you can hit this up anyway without actually purchasing Vampires Live Code Booster. Even though it is on the top of the list it still carries too large of a price tag for its questionable service. Four out of ten stars.