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Rockstars Live Code Booster: Rockstars on Patrol

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 6/3/2009

Though it is better than other Friend Code applications, that is not a reason that you have to rush out for it.

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    Cheating the Economic Way

    Rockstars Live Code Booster does require a post-secondary degree to figure out. It is simply an additional application intended on giving you access to Friend Codes and minor tips to help you when playing Rockstars Live. Rockstars Live has proven itself to be one of the better and more popular of the text based iPhone RPG fare, but does that really warrant you paying $1.99 on an application to help you with this? If you feel like getting a cheater application to help you with Rockstars Live you might as well just go out and buy Reward Points. This being said, Rockstars Live Code Booster may just be about the best Friend Code application available only because it shares the best design with the lowest price. That still does not mean you should buy it.

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    Friend Code Mania

    Rockstars Live Code Booster contains all of the cheating glory of the Code Booster series. There are long lists of verified Friend Codes that you can scroll through and even see information of. It includes the useless On/Off switches next to each Friend Code that some new users might want to employ. There is a Twitter news feed that actually has some useful tips and links, and there is still the annoying Featured page that will let you prioritize your Friend Code hunt by giving you a list of committed Rockstars Live players.

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    Only If You Must

    What’s the catch here? It is still not very useful. Going online and looking for and posting your Friend Code is still going to be a more practical process, and once you realize that you have to individually grant the invitations of other players in Rockstars Live you may begin to realize that it is not always worth it. The $1.99 price tag, though lower than others, is still enough to cause a problem. Over all Rockstars Live Code Booster has a huge number of Friend Codes, provides a lot of info, and is better than its rivals. It is hard to rate this application simply because its appeal is so narrow, but it is important to classify it against similar software. Since it is one of the best Friend Code applications available it will get a mild recommendation, though the entire concept remains critically flawed. Five and a half stars out of ten.