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Howcast Application for iPhone

written by: CBumeter•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 5/29/2009

If you have ever wondered how to do something, then it would be worth your while to check out the Howcast library for all of your instructional needs.

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    When the people over at decided to create a self-help website using video, they probably had tons of questions that they always wanted answers to. Categories on this website stem from environment, sports and media to pets and dating. Almost any question you can think of has probably been covered by a user on this website. With the popularity of this website growing, it was only right to put an application out on the iTunes application store. I give to you the review of the Howcast iPhone application.

    When you open up the Howcast application, you will see something very similar to the YouTube application. You have your featured videos. These are the videos that has found to be of interest to visitors to the site. This list normally consists of about eight or nine different featured videos.

    Your next tab is the most recent videos. These are the videos that have been added most recently to the Howcast servers. The quality of these videos can vary since they are so new. The tab right next to most recent is the playlists. These videos are broken into some of the categories above, as well as many others. Some are just on-the-go tutorials, while others consist of money saving and some could be skin-care secrets. The coolest thing about Howcast, is how many different types of tutorials there are. Like I said, if you have a question, then you can probably find a video response to it.

    Howcast also gives you the ability to search for questions or videos on their servers. You can search for a question itself or just type in keywords. For example, I searched for baseball and I got results involving pitching, catching and even things about softball. The site is very well created and is very helpful.

    The more tab on Howcast offers a few extra options. You can see the top rated videos, your favorites and your recent history. That's about it though for this tab.

    Let me inform you that the videos on Howcast are not necessarily from professionals. So if you are looking up something important, then you may want to look to sources that have professional knowledge. For minor questions though, feel free to try out the advice given.

    The design of Howcast is very similar to the YouTube application in how they list their videos. They give you the title, screenshot, length, category and a few other notes. As with many of the videos that stream on your iPhone, if you are connected to a wifi network, then the video is very clear. When you are on the 3G connection, then the videos will load a little slower and be a little more pixelated.

    Howcast is a great download for your iPhone. It is always fun to just have a question pop into your head, and you be able to look up a video answer right then and there. The fact that this is free is always a nice touch as well. Howcast is created by Howcast Media, Inc, and it can be downloaded from the iTunes application store.

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    Screenshots of Howcast by Howcast Media, Inc.

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