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Fluid for iPhone

written by: KateG•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 5/21/2009

If you are looking to make water run over your iPhone then this is the app for you. If however, you want an application that will do something useful then you will want to pass this on by.

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    Every once in a while an application comes along that makes you wonder why it was developed, Fluid is one of those applications. The only goal of this application is to take your photos and make it look like water is running over them. While this application can be mildly entertaining for a few moments, soon you will be wondering why you wasted the space downloading it.

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    Application Design

    Given it's limited capacity this application is well designed. The basic menu allows you to turn the music on and off and pick your photo. When you are done with it, you are going to have to click the x in the left hand corner or the menu will sit there semi-translucent over you image. Once loaded, this application makes the images responsive. Simply tap any section of the screen and you will get a water rippling effect. Just be aware, that like a natural body of water, when the wave reaches the end of the screen it will echo back. This will create a kind of visual white noise, which you may find annoying. Much to your surprise, the application is not at all motion sensitive. Unlike other applications that make use of the iPhones built in motion sensor, this application shows no response to either being shaken or tilted. This is a shame when you consider that this reviewer, and a few other people, would probably like to give this application an earthquake test.

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    Image Quality

    One of the features of this application is that you can choose any of the photos from your library. The quality of the images will be the same as the quality when you took them. Just be aware, that the running water can have a blurring effect.

    The application comes with one default image, a variety of stones. You will quickly become bored with this default image. Since you can choose your own images this really isn't much of a limitation.

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    Music in this application is a bit flat. After about five minutes you are going to be sick of it. The track on this application is extremely repetitive, so if you have the choice to turn the sound off, I suggest you do so.

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    Fluid is a free application that you can download in the App Store. That is a good thing because no one, at least no one in their right mind, would pay for this application.

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    Since this is free you can go ahead and give it a try if you are up for something novel, just be aware you will be deleting soon afterwards. It is a one trick pony, and we are all getting a little sick of those. Not to mention that this trick really isn't that entertaining, unlike other apps that let you, say put a mustache on your grandmother.