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Racing For Friend Codes: iCodes for Racing Live Review

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 5/21/2009

iCodes for Racing Live follows the classic iCodes formula by charging you for Racing Live Friend Codes.

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    Selling Friend Codes

    iCodes has brought us another one of its Friend Code applications. Its attempts to manipulate the popularity of text based iPhone RPGs have been relentless, and this time it has taken it too the pit crew. iCodes for Racing Live is, well, an application giving you Friend Codes for Racing Live. This is essentially a stock pile of Friend Codes where each person that downloads and installs iCodes for Racing Live into their phone adds to the volume. The program does what it promises, but do you really want to even pay its measly sum for such a mediocre function?

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    Friend Code Encyclopedia

    Instead of the red page you get for iMob Online or the pink page you get for Girl Wars Online, iCodes for Racing Live gives you a series of blue pages while listing their Friend Codes. Here you get a Friend Code in a middle of the screen, which you can tap to reveal another one. This is a cycle that continues through it as you are supposedly asked to manually take down these Friend Codes and then enter them into your Racing Live account. Just like iMob Online, it displays its web address on each page where you can find these codes. This page is, and is easy and free to just use without actually purchasing iCodes for Racing Live. You also have the ability to see top players and chat with each other in iCodes for Racing Live, but it seems that these social networking needs would already have been sufficed by Racing Live to begin with.

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    Better Ways for Friend Codes

    There seems to be absolutely no need for iCodes for Racing Live, just as there has been no reason for the rest of them. It is only $0.99, but that is still too much. Even if it was a free iPhone application iCodes for Racing Live would be difficult to use and it would be easier to just post your Friend Code and take other Friend Codes from a web board environment. As people begin downloading and using iCodes for Racing Live it will become more filled with codes, but these will also be largely available at the website listed earlier and on Racing Live message boards. It does seem curious that XHumans would put this much work into the Live franchise that seems to be less and less popular as similar games are released. Three out of ten stars.