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Friend Code Encyclopedia: Corleone Review

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 5/17/2009

Corleone is an iPhone application that will give you friend codes for iMob Online, iMafia, Warlords, Mafia Wars, and others.

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    Made Men

    The love of mafia themed free text-based iPhone RPGs is palatable all around the App Store. Games like iMob Online, iMafia, Mafia Wars, and all the other clones are being downloaded in volume every day while additions and expansions are flowing like an open tap. It is about time that an iPhone developer created an application that plays into the popularity that these free iPhone games hold collectively.

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    Making New Friends

    Corleone is a game that simply collects friend codes from mafia text based iPhone RPGs and then gives them to the user so that they are able to add them to their crew. When you open up Corleone you are given a list of games that include Mafia LIVE!, iMob Online, iMafia, Mafia: R & R, iMobsters, Mafia Wars, iMafia New York, and Warlords. When you select one of them you select one of these games you are taken to a screen that gives you a randomly selected friend code that you then use to add to your friend collection for that particular iPhone game. The friend codes that are displayed are those of the people who are using the full version of Corleone. When you purchase this software, you enter in your respective friend codes for all the relevant games you play and then they will be listed on the cycle as well. You still have to enter the friend codes and it ends up being a lengthy process to go through all those available.

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    Not Worth the Cash

    Corleone is a good idea in a sense because it allows you to get your friend code out there as well as find others easily on your iPhone. The issue comes with the fact that Corleone costs $3.99, which is more than most paid iPhone games. There are dozens of message boards dedicated to games like Mafia Wars and Warlords where people post their friend codes openly. These environments are free and used much more often than Corleone. You can go ahead and use the free Lite version to get some friend codes, but the best way to get large numbers in your crews is to post your code where others can see it. To do this in Corleone you are going to have to commit to the pay version with your credit card. Though it is useful if you play a large number of text-based iPhone RPGs, it really does not warrant its inflated price tag. Four out of ten stars.