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Generate Your Future Baby's Face with an iPhone App

written by: Janelle Cox•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 6/8/2011

Future Baby's Face is an iPhone app that allows you to generate your future baby's photo by inserting two photographs of the mother and father to create an image of what your baby will look like. Find out if is this app is worth your while.

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    How Does This App Work?

    Future Baby's Face This free app implies it will generate your future baby’s face. You simply insert two photos and with the push of a button you can see what your baby will look like. I was excited to see what they would come up with, since I already have two children. When you first open this app you see a cute little white baby coming out of an egg with a question mark on it. Then you are asked who are the parents?

    To begin generating the photo the app prompts you to choose a picture from your library, take a picture from your camera or choose a photo of a celebrity. The first time I tried it, I used a picture from my library of my husband and myself. When the app generated my future baby’s photo to my surprise it produced a picture of an African American baby. My husband and I are white! The second time I tried it, I took a picture from my camera and again it produced an African American baby. So I thought third time is the charm, maybe it’s the lighting of the photo, so I took another picture of my husband and voilà, the child was white with blue eyes, just like my babies at home. But wait, if you use the same pictures and try to generate your baby again, it will give you a completely different photo!

    To have a little fun I next chose the celebrity feature where the app states that it will generate a photo of your future baby with over 100 different celebrities to choose from. I was only given the option to choose from 23 celebrities so I choose Brad Pitt. The photo came back a cute little blue eyed white girl, just as I have always dreamed of. Then I tried it again with the same two photos and it generated a picture of a cute little African American boy. Obviously this app has some glitches that need to be fixed.

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    Future Baby's Face 2 This iPhone app does not hold up or stand out when compared to any of the similar apps of its kind like the Make your baby app. At least with that app you have to insert your ethnicity. After reading a few reviews I found out I wasn't the only white couple that the app generated an African American baby for. Even when you change the two photos, the same babies appear, and if you use the same photos again it gives a completely different picture of a baby. I took a photo of my cat and then my son and it generated a picture of a white baby boy.

    Another disappointment was the celebrity options. If an app is guaranteeing that it will provide you with over 100 celebrity options to choose from, then they should be true to their word, 23 celebrities is a far cry from 100.

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    Compared to the Competition

    After reading all of the reviews and key features of the similar apps that are on the market, I found that this free app contains the same content as the paid ones. They all imply that you will receive a photo of your future baby using the parent's pictures, or for fun, a celebrity photo. Compared to similar apps such as, Ultimate Baby, which you have to purchase for $0.99, Future Baby's Face produces the same content, with the exception that it does not provide a space to write which nationality you are. Where as the Ultimate Baby and Make your baby apps provide that option. Compared to the others, this app is free and you are getting basically the same content as the paid baby generating photo apps.

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    Overall Future Baby's Face iPhone App Rating

    Rating Average

    Overall, I would not recommend downloading this app. If you are pregnant and are expecting a photo of what your child will look like, this app is not for you. The name is misleading, Future Baby’s Face should be called Fun with your Future Baby’s Face because this app is for pure entertainment purposes. I would rather pay $2.99 for the I Hatch app that at least provides a warning stating that it cannot provide a guarantee that the photo they generate will actually look like your unborn child. For a free app you are getting what you pay for, nothing.

    Download Future Baby's Face for free.

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