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Silent Film Director App Review

written by: Sandy Samra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/29/2011

Silent Film Director is a video editing app that lets you create silent and vintage movies directly on your iPhone. Here’s a detailed review of this amazing app.

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    silent-film-director-iphone-2 There are hardly any video applications on iTunes that allow iPhone users to express their creativity as Silent Film Director does. This brand new application is an improved version of the Vintage Video Maker with a newly designed UI, enhanced features and better performance. Silent Film Director gives your videos a nice vintage flavor and they look like Silent Films from Charlie Chaplin’s era or something entirely different, depending on your creativity and talent.

    This application lets you apply high quality effects from sepia, black & white, vintage sepia to more sophisticated 70’s, 60’s or 20’s home video effects. Basically, it lets you experiment with your creativity and make videos for less than a dollar ($0.99). This impressive video editing application was developed by MacPhun’s FX Photo Studio and is a free upgrade for Vintage Video Maker owners. This fun video effects application is very addictive and a pleasure to use. The key features of this application are detailed in the next section.

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    Main Features

    • Six vintage film styles.create and share your movie 
    • Up to HD video resolution.
    • Speed up or slow down video recording.
    • Add custom music.
    • Crop videos.
    • Add title cards and transitions.
    • Share videos via e-mail, YouTube and Facebook.
    • Submit your video to the international contest.
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    The app lets you direct your own movies and make them look like a film from the old days of various classic movie eras. You can choose video styles, customize the video quality, speed up or slow down the video, mix videos with images, add custom music tracks, special transitions and title cards.

    Silent Film Director is very simple to figure out. The buttons are very well defined and you know what you are going to do next. Once you download this app for $0.99, you get a standard version of this app and the pro version is unlockable as an additional $0.99 in-app purchase.

    Standard mode mainly allows you to take the video and add various visual effects as well as soundtracks to it. You can create videos that look like the silent movies from the 20s, vintage marvels from the 50s or hippie style home videos from the 70s. Other than applying these filters, you can apply sound effects like a movie projector reeling noise from the app’s limited selection or upload your own original audio from your computer. As a bonus, you can also adjust the quality of the video from low to HD as well as increase or decrease the video’s speed.

    The video processing and conversion can take a little while, so this app entertains you with amazing facts while the video is being processed.

    After you have created your movie, you can either save it, e-mail it or share it on Facebook and YouTube.

    The pro version offers features to create more complex projects. You can add more video clips to a single movie as well as crop a video along with adding title cards and transitional phases.

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    Overall, Silent Film Director is an amazing video editing app that is simple to use and offers great results. It is immensely enjoyable and certainly worth the two bucks you'll pay for both the standard version and the pro version.

    [Download Link]

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