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The Impossible Quiz iPhone App Review

written by: Elton Gahr•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/2/2011

Mixing humor with quick and simple puzzles in a mind twisting quiz, The Impossible Quiz can make you think and laugh at the same time as you struggle to find the answer in seconds. Filled with odd and trick questions this lives up to its name as a quiz you're almost certain to fail many times.

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    iPhone App: The Impossible Quiz for the iPhone

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    The Impossible Quiz is an app created by Sparkworkz for the iPhone and is really more a series of simple riddles and basic games than a quiz, like The Moron Test. The title itself is quite accurate in that no one will make it through this quiz without having to start over a number of times. The question is -- can you work out the humor of this app and answer dozens of trick questions? Each one will force you to think in a new way.

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    The Impossible Quiz: User Interface

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    The interface of this quiz does change from time to time, but in general it works very well and it is the changing of the way that you react that makes it fun. In many cases you are simply trying to pick the correct answer, but even when it seems as if the interface is not working it is generally because you are not able to understand the question. Still there are a few places where you know the solution but the interface makes it difficult to use. The most clear of these is one where there is a black screen and a very small switch you have to try to flip which is almost impossible to use even if you know the solution.

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    The Impossible Quiz: Fun

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    The impossible quiz, like most quiz apps on the iPhone is really only fun once, and the biggest problem with this game is that you rarely, if ever, are able to answer a question once. This is because if you fail the questions you are forced to go back through many of the questions numerous times as you get to the next question and fail. This is not as big a deal as it may seem because every twenty questions you get a moron mark which lets you start there. In addition to this the questions you have already gotten correct are generally very quick to answer. Still, this limits the fun of the game especially when you run into those puzzles which take longer to pass than simply touching the right answer, such as rubbing a post to get an electrical spark.

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    Review: The Impossible Quiz: Graphics

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    This app has a very simple hand drawn graphical style that feels a bit like some of the the Wario games and looks even better on the iPhone. This gives it the feel of something handmade and simple and in many ways these graphics fit the game considerably better than a slicker style might. In addition when there is a higher quality image it seems even more impressive. Still, there is no way this is really going to impress anyone with its graphics.

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    The Impossible Quiz: Conclusion

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    There is nothing about the Impossible Quiz that really put me off and it did what it set out to do better than average. That said there are a number of free versions of similar quizzes you may want to try before you pay for one, but for 99 cents you know you are getting something that is going to be of reasonable quality while some of the others are a bit more of a quality risk.

    You can download the Impossible Quiz for your iPhone here - [Download Link]

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    • Source: Author's own experience.
    • Images: Screenshots from The Impossible Quiz app for iPhone.