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What Are the Potential Uses of the iPhone?

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/20/2011

With so many iPhone apps available from the App Store, we could all probably think of many potential uses of the iPhone aside from, well a traditional mobile phone for calling and texting. So, what are the potential uses of the iPhone? Here, we give you ten potential uses of the iPhone.

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    iPhone and Internet Radio

    Perhaps one of the most common potential uses of the iPhone is internet radio. There are many apps available from the App Store which turn your iPhone into a great device for streaming and listening to internet radio. With the fast 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity features of the iPhone, streaming internet radio has become one of the favorite potential uses of the iPhone. You can install third-party internet radio apps such as Pandora, or point your iPhone's mobile Safari web browser to an internet radio station and start listening to radio broadcasts online.

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    iPhone and Getting Fit

    Although I run and workout at the gym regularly, I have yet to tap into my iPhone 4's capability to become a fitness device. There are as many fitness and sports related apps in the App Store as there are internet radio apps. I've downloaded a couple of them but have yet to start using them during my sports activities. Certainly, you can use many fitness apps that will let you track routines, log exercise achievements, record speeds, and other essential fitness related info that will help you to get fit.

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    iPhone and GPS Navigation Device

    With a great GPS feature, I'm pretty sure many of us have already used our iPhone as a GPS navigation device. Even if you don't download third-party apps with highly advanced navigation features, the iPhone's map application with GPS feature is enough to get you to anywhere you want to go by providing accurate route maps and directions. I've used the iPhone for navigation several times and so far, it has never let me down.

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    iPhone and Shopping

    Again, another well covered category with so many apps is shopping. There are quite a number of useful iPhone shopping apps that will give you tips on discount sales, ample information about products including reviews and different places to get your shopping. Some apps even feature barcode/QR code scanning technology to help you find more information about products you encounter in your every day life.

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    iPhone and Music

    As a musical device, there are various potential uses of the iPhone that you can choose to tap. You can use the iPhone as a recording machine for your original composition or you can even perform a song using nothing but your iPhone. I'm pretty sure you've heard or read about several people or even musical groups who've made use of the iPhone in one of their performances. Thanks to the various music-related iPhone apps, the iPhone can now be categorized as a musical instrument.

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    iPhone as a Tracking Device

    Similar to using the iPhone as a navigation device, using the iPhone as a tracking device also makes good use of the phone's excellent GPS features. There are several apps which will make your tracking activities easier. You just need to find the best one. What's good about this is that it can be a life saver especially for tracking the whereabouts of your employee or your teenage son or daughter. Just make sure that each of your children or employees have iPhones.

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    iPhone as a Flashlight

    I only realized this potential use of the iPhone when one time we experienced a power failure at home while in the middle of doing something else. We could move to get to the generator and run it. You know what my wife did? She took out her iPhone, increased the screen's brightness and presto, we have an instant flashlight. Fortunately, we were able to find the generator, switch it on and get an ample supply of power until the usual power supply was restored. Thanks to the iPhone. There are also dedicated iPhone flashlight apps available.

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    iPhone as a Learning Tool

    iPhone kids apps anyone? There are plenty of iPhone apps made for kids. More often than not, these iPhone apps are educational and can be used as a learning tool. Be it a reading, puzzle solving, spelling, writing or any other app, you will certainly find several useful apps that your kid will appreciate and love to use.

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    iPhone as a Photography Device

    Again another popular potential use of the iPhone. This was strengthened even more with the release of the iPhone 4 with its 5MP camera. Now, more iPhone users are getting into iPhone photography, either using various iPhone photography related apps that enhance their photos or apps that enhance the iPhone's capability such as apps that allow zooming when taking photos. There are hundreds of iPhone photography apps that you can use and they will make you appreciate your iPhone's camera features even more.

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    iPhone as a Personal Digital Assistant

    In other words, the iPhone is best used as a productivity boosting tool. It has great apps for taking down notes, scheduling events, calendar management, mind mapping, document reading, file management and sharing and for other essential personal management tasks. Check out the best iPhone PIM apps for more ideas.