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Entertain Toddlers and Preschoolers With iPhone In App Purchases

written by: Stacy Carey•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 10/9/2010

Children are known for active personalities and short attention spans. Adding apps to one's iPhone specifically for a child's entertainment is a great plan, but choosing the right ones is overwhelming. Staring with lite versions and upgrading with iPhone in app purchases can be a great approach.

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    Utilizing the iPhone for Toddler Entertainment

    While many people love having an iPhone for the apps that make their days easier, many parents love the iPhone for the ability to entertain and distract an active toddler. The applications available for teaching and entertaining are plentiful, and it can be difficult to determine which ones to purchase and download. Luckily, iPhone in app purchases can make this process quite a bit easier.

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    Trying Lite App Versions to Gauge Ongoing Interest

    Many iPhone applications provide a lite version of the game or learning tool for free or a low cost. This provides an excellent way to let a small child or toddler try out the app for a while, and if it seems to be a hit with further potential, you can utilize the iPhone in app purchases option to purchase a full app at a higher price. The beauty of this opportunity is that parents are spending money only on apps that their child has already tested out and show a genuine interest in playing more often, which is a fantastic opportunity given the chaotic attention spans of young children.

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    Narrowing Down the Options

    With over 200,000 applications currently available for download to the iPhone via iTunes, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Searching, purchasing, downloading and trying apps that hold no interest for your child is an exercise in futility. Here are some notable suggestions for lite app versions that toddlers and preschoolers embrace and want to play again and again, with excellent full-feature apps available via iPhone in app purchases.

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    Building Puzzle Confidence With Shape Builder Lite

    shapebuilder1 Shape Builder Lite gives young children an introduction into the fascinating world of puzzles. The Lite version provides 15 puzzle options for children to drag and drop pieces into a matching outlined puzzle. The app helps teach hand-eye coordination and dexterity along with the concept of matching. Try out the free lite app and utilize the iPhone in app purchases option for access to 146 puzzles including letters, numbers, musical instruments and animals.

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    Vivid Scenery and Skill Development in Tozzle Lite

    toggle1 Tozzle Lite is another puzzle app that challenges young children with vivid scenes and challenging settings. This free app shares four puzzles that will leave children eager for more options. The full app provides over 30 fun puzzles including birthday party, skiing and farm scenes. Both smiles and challenges are plentiful with this children’s app.

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    Trying Ballon Animal Skills With Balloonimals Lite


    One basic iPhone app that can occupy a young child for amazingly long periods of time is Balloonimals Lite. The free basic version includes only the T-Rex balloonimal, but gives children a taste of the fun to be had. Utilize the iPhone in app purchases option to get the full Balloonimals app which includes eight balloonimal options for repeated entertainment.

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    Old and Young Alike Embrace Pac-Man


    Finally, Pac-Man delights children and adults alike. The free lite version will whet one’s appetite for full utility while providing the opportunity for some practice and skill fine-tuning. Upon purchasing the full version, parents and children will bond over this old-time favorite while reaching for new all-time high scores.

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    Building a Library of Apps the Cost-Efficient Way

    Rather than spend money on applications that toddlers or preschoolers tire of quickly or never bother to play, look for lite versions to try out first. These free or low-cost apps provide enough variety to gauge a child’s interest and whether or not the skills are a match for the child's abilities. When the child displays an interest in continuing to play the game and add variety with more puzzles or features, utilize the convenient iPhone in app purchases to upgrade in one easy, painless moment.

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