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The Best Job Searching Apps for the iPhone

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 8/19/2010

Here is a look at the top iPhone apps for job searching.

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    Job Hunt

    Job searching has become big business in the new climate, especially since the job market is not what it once was. Different web resources have become the main station for job searching, but as other technologies become ingrained in the commercial culture they also become the new standard for job searching. A number of job searching iPhone apps have been released to help people browse for, and often apply to, jobs that they may be qualified for. Some of these job searching iPhone apps are industry specific, or open to different types of posting outside of the job realm. Among all the fields, there are a few job searching apps for the iPhone that stand out. Here are a few of the best job searching iPhone apps to help get you into that new career.

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    IMG 0510 Craigslist has been so successful as an online classified and personal ad mechanism that it has been one of the direct causes for the decline of the newspaper. Here is one of the easiest places to both place jobs and search for them. Craigslist is one of the main places where people start looking for jobs, especially for entry level positions. Craigsphone, the iPhone Craigslist application, is the perfect port of the website with almost every single service intact. You have the ability to develop your own profile, set consistent locations for your searches, and to browse through listings in the exact way that you have on the Craigslist website. Craigsphone is not only one of the best job searching apps for the iPhone, it is also one of the best iPhone applications for online dating, shopping for used items, and finding homes and apartments.

  • slide 3 of 4 is one of the premiere job searching services, and one of the first to establish itself as a job searching app for the mzl.uqkuqbrw.320x480-75 iPhone. The service is involved and you can establish your account on their website and then extend it over to your iPhone job searching. What is unique about this iPhone app is that you can use the GPS features on the iPhone to find jobs in your general location with the iPhone map features. This can actually help you get a visual sense of the jobs you are applying to and where you are at. The iPhone app will also allow you to actually apply to the jobs found, which may seem obvious but is fairly involved for a free iPhone application. You may also want to dial into the recommendations that the iPhone app will send you, which is going to be nice when you begin this constant job spamming.

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    Job Finder

    mzl.feabxpfd.320x480-75 Job Finder for the iPhone does cost $0.99, but is an iPhone job searching app that will bring in job searching functions from different web services. Job Finder for the iPhone utilizes websites like, StarTribune's job feature, Hireability, and for job searching. Job Finder does this by using an RSS feed to get available job searching information and this will turn your iPhone into a device capable of making constant checks. By the force of categorization through Job Finder you can organize your job searching to make it much more productive for your career goals.