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iPhone for South Park Fans

written by: MikeWehner•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 7/28/2010

So South Park is a TV powerhouse, but are the official licensed apps for the iPhone worth checking out, or are they just quick cash-ins. Check out our full South Park app rundown to find out!

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    South Park In My Pocket?

    When South Park first debuted on Comedy Central it was a hit practically overnight. At the time, the show pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable on a prime-time cable TV broadcast. Attacking some of the touchiest issues in the day's news put South Park in the crosshairs of many public critics. Some people predicted that the show would be off the air after one, two or three seasons, and would never be a permanent fixture on the network.

    Well, South Park is now well past a dozen TV seasons, and hasn't lost a step in its wit or relevance. So, like Family Guy before it, South Park makes its way to the iPhone App Store in the form of several licensed titles. And, as we've come to expect, some are definitely better than others.

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    South Park iPhone Apps

    mzl.kehsokci.320x480-75 South Park Imaginationland - In South Park Imaginationland you assume the roll of Butters, the lovable blonde dimwit who has become a fixture of the series. Butters must make his way through over 50 levels, collecting items along the way to unlock more and more levels. He does this by using Butters' (never-before-mentioned) excellent jumping ability. He can launch off the ground, pivot in mid-air, and do a number of other interesting moves in order to contact the correct areas of the playfield. It's a good, long game, and is probably the most recommendable licensed South Park iPhone app.

    mzl.kbdyymjy.320x480-75 South Park Mega Millionaire - South Park Mega Millionaire takes the iconic child characters from the show and throws them into the strangest foreign game show ever devised. This, of course, makes a great premise for a mini-game collection, and that's precisely what South Park Mega Millionaire is. Each one of the games is designed for the iPhone's screen size and functionality so it feels like it belongs on the device and wasn't crammed onto it unnecessarily. It's fun to pick-up-and-play, and since there's a free version available, it won't even touch your pocketbook to give it a whirl. At the very least, the free version is a must-download.

    mzl.kmxvousg.320x480-75 South Park Avatar Creator - The South Park Avatar Creator, made by MTV this time around, is exactly what it sounds like and nothing more. You can create an original character in the art style of South Park. You can customize just about everything about the child and new items are being added in free updates. This might sound like a pretty cool app, and for about the first five minute it really is, but beyond that there isn't much to do. You can make new characters, change stuff, but the action never changes. There are free online programs just like this, but if you want the South Park Avatar Creator for iPhone you'll have to shell out 99 cents. That's about 99 cents too much.