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Spell Checking Apps for the iPhone

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 6/17/2010

Here is a look at a few of the best spell checking apps for the iPhone.

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    Did You Check Your Spelling?

    The spell checker used to come in the form of a tiny pocket computer, and this is a function that has moved over to the iPhone perfectly. Spell checking apps for the iPhone are some of the most aptly developed pieces of software for this device as it is always with you and easy to dial into quickly. Since their popularity is guaranteed there are a number of these spell checking apps for the iPhone that are trying to hit the top of the App Store download. In an effort to break down the cloud, here are a few of the absolute best spell checking apps for the iPhone. If you need a spelling checker for mail on the iPhone then read on.

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    Touch Type

    mzl.wlcdxceq.320x480-75 Touch Type has been a very popular spell checking app for the iPhone and only costs $0.99 for the full version, and there is a free "lite" version as well. Touch Type is a spell checking app that is dedicated to spell checking emails that are sent from your iPhone through the Mail section. This is fairly limited in scope, but really effective for those that send a lot of emails from their iPhone. It will also allow you to save signatures from your iPhone and in essence allows for faster typing in the iPhone Mail section because you do not have to be as worried about spelling errors. These spelling errors are very easy to do because of the difficulty of the iPhone's keyboard and the auto-correct feature, which often changes the word you were looking for to something daft. This is a very handy spelling checker for mail on the iPhone and good value for money.

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    Spell Check

    Spell Check, which also clocks in at $0.99, is the most obviously named of all the spell checking apps for the iPhone. What is essentially great spell-check-iphone about Spell Check is that it provides a regular dictionary and spell checking function without the need to connect to a web server. The entire function of Spell Check is reserved to the content of the app on your phone. What you do is essentially enter in the word you are looking for, and you'll be given a list of all the possible correct spellings. You can the select one of the spellings and get a dictionary entry for that word. Spell Check is a nice spell checking app for the iPhone for checking individual words, but not for looking over and correcting any messages or documents.

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    Spell Check / Translate

    mzl.zlzqjhrz.320x480-75 Spell Check / Translate is very similar to the previously mentioned Spell Check, not least because they are both $0.99. First you enter in the text of your word in the same way as you did in the previous Spell Check, which then comes up with possible correct spellings. You can then view that specific word that you have entered in a whole host of international languages and dialects. This is a very straightforward application and simply tries to provide an alternative tool in the spell checking format.

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    Easy Email - Spell Check

    Easy Email - Spell Check is similar to the features of Touch Type, but just more complete. This is a great spelling checker for mail on the iPhone. This is reflected by the cost of Easy Email - Spell tns.wfufxdda.320x480-75 Check, which comes in at $2.99. You begin by actually composing the email in Easy Email, and then when you check the spelling your text will be analyzed and suspicious words will be underlined and highlighted in red. It is somewhat easier to actually type up your email in Easy Email, the spell checker is very complete, and it is pretty easy to save emails and use the general functions. Easy Email - Spell Check is a great spell checking app for the iPhone if the users send a lot of email messages on their iPhone.