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Giant Monster: Family Guy Uncensored Free Review

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 11/19/2009

Just another boring themed free iPhone game.

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    Slowing You Down

    Right off the bat you are going to notice the overwhelming size of Family Guy Uncensored Free. If you are close to full on your iPhone or iPod Touch then Family Guy Uncensored Free will likely not fit. You are going to have to plug into your computer's iTunes account or use a Wi-Fi connection to download Family Guy Uncensored Free since the 3G network simply will not be able to handle it.

    Either way it will still take an unreasonable amount of time to actually download to your iPhone. Once it finally does load up you will be asked whether or not to keep the sound on, which really says more about what you want from a game than whether or not it is worth it.

    When you get into the opening screen for Family Guy Uncensored Free hit New Game to start. Here you will get a mildly amusing text listed skit with Stewie and Brian talking about how cheap we are for only downloading the free version. After you go through this and a number of long loading screen you will finally get to the game.

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    Family Guy iPhone Game

    The Family Guy Uncensored Free game actually includes controls on the screen that mimic those of a hand held gaming console like a Nintendo DS or PSP. After all this flash what you end up with is a very middle of the road incarnation of a Mega Man model, without all the difficulty or speed. You slowly bounce around space ship inspired levels as Stewie. The control are made simple, mainly because of the fact that it is a free iPhone game and they do not want to splurge on you. You really only have jump and an odd laser cannon at your disposal.

    What you can expect is very standard side scrolling platformer modes with little Family Guy themes injected randomly. For example, after you hit a switch in the first level and are allowed to continue on you will be attacked by wacky waving inflatable are flailing tube men. Ho ho.

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    Just another Free iPhone Game

    Yeah, its a free iPhone game, but who cares? The Family Guy Uncensored Free game is just really not all that fun. The controls are not that responsive, gameplay is slow, and there is no inventiveness what so ever. It is, however, a nice ploy to get you to buy expensive Family Guy iPhone applications. It is by no means the worst game out there, but there are so many other free iPhone games available that you don't really need to go to all the trouble. Five out of ten stars.