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Spooktacular Apps for the iPod Touch

written by: •edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 10/23/2009

Don't look now, but emerging from the app store are scary apps that are out to get you. Do you dare to put them on your iPod Touch and tap them with your finger? Here's a few hair-raising examples of why you shouldn't play in the dark. Remember, every day is Halloween!

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    Pet Sematary

    Pet Sematary Just like in the movie, the streets are filled with the undead. Undead babies and animals, among other once living, that is. Fortunately you've a birds eye view and plenty of firepower to take them down (i.e., shoot them to squish). The buggers move fast so your trigger finger better be quick too. It takes more than one hit to do a kill shot.

    Oh - better protect your friends as they go about their business - boy you'd think they'd know better than to go out on the streets with all this stuff going on...

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    Undead Attack! Pinball

    Undead Attack! Pinball Pinball ceases being safe when the undead are involved. Good thing that the balls aren't just ordinary, but equipped to handle the hordes of the once living. Upgrade your fight and take the flippers to the max with 3 different tables to try and stay alive in. Of course there are surprises as you play - but don't get analytical about it, just keep mowing those monsters down.

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    Battle Bears

    Battle Bears Who'd have thought that cute little plush dolls could be so evil - and adept at smothering you to death? Good thing you have plenty of firepower at your disposal. And that you know the difference between how many bolts from a crossbow will take out a plush versus using the "Bear-zooka". Cute graphics maybe, but you're dead bear meat if you can't keep killing these little squeekers. And watch out for their big brother - he may look cute but it won't be so easy to blast his head off.

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    Zombie Pizza

    Zombie Pizza Damn those Zombies! They're everywhere and you can't keep them down. They're just like cockroaches, only they get awfully hungry. Good thing the Chef has the time to teach you how to make Pizza for the undead before he goes all Zombie on you. It's tough enough to work the night shift, but having to deal with the "food" can make you hurl. If you have the time that is.