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iPod Touch Game Apps that Push the Boundaries

written by: PreciousJohnDoe•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 9/1/2009

Game apps are selling like hotcakes because games use the special abilities of the Touch. This makes them more exciting and more fun to play than on other hand-held platforms.

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    Video Games Rule on the App Store

    Selling video games on the App store has turned out to be very successful. There’s no shortage of titles to buy, and the price is much more reasonable than on other hand-held devices. But the games that are in the greatest demand are those that take the special abilities of the Touch into consideration and push themselves far ahead of similar ones found on a PSP or a Nintendo DS. Here’s a few that definitely prove the point.

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    Metal Gear Solid Touch

    For those unfamiliar with Konami's franchise, you get the best of all the titles rolled into one very angry guy who is going to take out every baddie in sight! Pinch the image to blow it up or expand the sniper scope, then move the targeting bulls-eye and click to shoot. Select weapons and devices all with a quick poke of a finger and then use them hard!

    metal gear solid 

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    It’s more versatile than an actual flute and how else could you tap an icon and see and hear other players throughout the world or record melodies on the go? The simplicity and ease of playing of this flute is a joy, thanks to controls like blowing into a microphone for playing (built into the iPhone but requiring an accessory mike for the Touch). Other controls involve tilting the Touch to change the vibrato rate and depth, while holding down combinations of notes on the touch screen changes pitch. All this combines to create an intuitive way to make music.


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    Super MonkeyBall and Tilt Maze

    What better way to navigate through animated mazes than by tilting the screen? The 3D graphics rush at you as your entire body gets into the action to keep that Super MonkeyBall moving at a fast clip (but not so fast as to fall off the maze!).


    And for an old-school treat, move that marble with deft twists of your hands till it passes through all obstacles and makes it to the other end.


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    American Idol The Game and The Sims 3

    It's an example of two franchises that could have been crappy games, but aren't. Idol holds plenty of music and video while graphics excel in Sims. And both rely on touch buttons to do their thing - changing the screen to reflect what is needed to consider and then giving you options for those choices. Idol even uses the accelerometer for performing music.