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iPod Touch Apps That Just Don’t Make Sense

written by: •edited by: Michael Dougherty•updated: 1/29/2010

Thousands of apps doesn't mean every one's a winner. In fact, some that can go on your iPod Touch are just plain ridiculous.

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    What Were The Developers' Thinking?

    People who complain about the App Store having too many flashlight or fart apps aren’t seeing the big picture - it’s not that there are too many apps of a questionable nature, but that there are apps that just don’t make any sense at all. Here’s five of the most useless iPod Touch apps that just left me scratching my head.

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    A Stupid Button/Scott Falbo

    Stupid Button 

    Press the red Stupid button and a male or female voice says “That’s Stupid.” That also describes pressing the button in the first place.

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    B&N Bookstore/Barnes & Noble

    B&N Since typing in a name is so old school, the app lets you search by taking a picture of the book, DVD or CD cover you’d like to get using the camera. But why would you do this if you have the book, DVD or CD to take that picture with in the first place?

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    Email ‘n Walk/Phase2 Media

    email walk 

    The idea is that you can look “through” the iPhone’s camera while you’re emailing. Sure that might make sense if you don’t want to look down while watching TV, but anybody who thinks this is acceptable procedure while walking or jogging is due to get a painful reality check (we won’t even touch the insanity of doing this while driving). And sure we won't blame the developer for anyone walking off a cliff.

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    SimStapler/Freeverse, Inc


    It’s a picture of a stapler with a finger poised above - placed inside an old Mac operating system . Touch the stapler and the finger pushes the stapler down and it makes a noise. That’s it. Really. That’s all there is.

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    Taxi Hold’em/iSignz

    taxi So the idea is that the cab will stop because you’re holding up a 3” screen with the word TAXI on it? If the cab is going 2 miles an hour or if standing in the middle of the street as it bears down on you, maybe. And maybe not.