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Reviewing the Pogo Stylus for the iPhone: An End to Your Touch Screen Pains

written by: KateG•edited by: Leigh A. Zaykoski•updated: 1/19/2010

If you love your touch screen iPhone, but you don't love the fact that after a few hours of use your finger begins to hurt, then the Pogo stylus may just be the way to have the best of both worlds. Finally, a stylus that is close enough to your finger to actually be recognized by the iPhone screen.

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    Are Your Big Fingers Making it Hard to Use the iPhone?

    Stubby fingered neat freaks of the world rejoice! There is now a device that can help you to use your iPhone without accidentally hitting two keys at the same time or putting an ugly smudge on your pristine screen. This device is called the Pogo and it is a stylus for your iPhone (or iPod touch).

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    Why Can’t I Use One of the Stylus' That I Already Own?

    The odds are that if you looked around you would probably find a spare. In a drawer, with your Palm Pilot or in the side slot of your Nintendo DS. They won’t work on your iPhone. If you want to, go ahead and try some independent field research. Attempt to type a word or even open an application with one of them. No doubt those results were less than encouraging. This is because your iPhone has technology built in that is designed to be able to tell the difference between a piece of plastic and your finger. Annoying if you want to use a traditional stylus but great if you don’t want the pen in your purse to accidentally dial China while you are on the subway. No matter what you do, a traditional stylus will not get the job done.

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    So How is Pogo Different from a Normal Stylus?

    The first thing you notice about Pogo is that it is fatter than a regular stylus, which helps it to simulate a finger. You will also notice a soft fleshy cover on one end. These two factors allow the Pogo to act like a protofinger on your iPhone. It can actually fool the touch screen into thinking that it is your finger

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    Why Else Might I Want a Pogo?

    Even if you were blessed with slender fingers and have no problem with a few smudges on your screen, you may still want a Pogo if you live in cold weather. As you may have noticed the phone won’t work for you if you are wearing gloves. Taking off your gloves to answer the phone is just a pain.

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    How Am I Supposed to Keep Track of This Thing?

    When you shell out your $14.95 (some models are less at Amazon), you not only get the stylus, but you also get a clip that lets you keep it attached to your iPhone. For the most part the clip is solid but your stylus can slide up and out if you leave it in the wrong position.