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Gain Knowledge with Quora: An iPhone App Review

written by: Janelle Cox•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 10/10/2011

Do you want access to the smartest people in the world? Discover how Quora provides you with exceptional answers on a variety of topics. Ask a user anything you want and you will get an answer.

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    Quora Quora, is a much-anticipated app that allows users to ask and answer questions. Think in-between the lines of the Localmind app and Wikipedia. You can ask questions on basically any topic you can think of and someone will respond to that question with an answer. Like Localmind you can browse local topics when you're on the go and like Wikipedia you will get a detailed answer.

    For users who have prior-knowledge of Quora, this app has been one of the most popular requests. The company's web-based site was such a hit with its audience that they begged for an on the go app to be produced. Here is a look at some of the first impressions and features of this app.

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    First Impressions and Features

    Quora app My first impression when downloading this app was how simple and organized it was. I noticed that Quora's sleek interface is quite similar to its website. There is a simple Search & Add tab that allows users to easily ask a question or write a post. Then you have additional options such as -- Notifications, Nearby, Home and Profile. Let's take a look at how these features work.

    First, when tapping notifications you will see a list of any new answers from your posted questions or any other alerts. The Nearby tab will show you all of the topics in the local area where you are. There is a display map that will pinpoint exactly where you are and show you the relevant topics in your area. I like how they give you a surrounding city, followed by the number of questions, and how many followers there are. Then you have your Home button, this is where you can always go back and where you find all of the topics that you are following. The last feature is the Profile tab, this is the feature where you find all of your personal information. I like how you can add or leave out as much information as you like. All of these features are simply organized and very easy to navigate through.

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    A Few Gripes

    Quora app 2 One major gripe that the majority of users have brought attention to is that Quora requires users to register with their first and last legal name. If you do not do as the company asks then you will receive a warning and could have your account suspended to "read only". This poses a problem to most users because not everybody would like to use their legal name. Most writers use a pen name and others just don't want their information out there for all to see. When I signed up I linked through my Facebook account so I didn't have any problems, but after reading a lot of reviews I have found this to be a serious issue with the company.

    Another issue is that you must log in every time you use the app. If Quora was to have a button where you could stay logged in it would not be so annoying. The majority of the users that delete this app are the ones that want their privacy, so if the company fixed this issue there would be a lot more people using this app.

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    Is it Worth the Download?

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    If you don't mind using your Facebook account to log in or using your legal name to register then I would definitely recommend downloading the Quora app. First of all it is free so you are not losing out on anything if you try it, and second if you are anything like me and want to know everything about anything then it's worth a download. This app is an amazing extension of the website. It's packed with information, easy to use, loads incredibly fast and it has the most interesting questions out there.

    This is a must-have app for people who want to win an argument or need an answer to a question that just popped into their heads immediately. Bottom line, Quora has been around for a while now, so there is a plethora of information on it which makes it an even better app to use. Almost every app that you download you need to sign up for and log in to so people need to stop griping about that. I understand about the privacy issue, which should be changed if Quora wants to respect their customers, but almost every app you download there is a registration, so people need to get used to that. Other than that there is an infinite amount of knowledge just waiting to be learned, so why not get started and download Quora now.

    Do you have a question of comment you would like to share? Please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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