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Quick Reference Guide to Note-Taking on the iPhone

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 9/14/2011

In our increasingly busy and fragmented lives, it's all too easy to forget things that we really should remember. Notes from a meeting, a to do list, even reminders about a birthday -- our brains just can't keep up with it all! So take iPhone note-taking to a new level and keep yourself organized.

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    There are probably more ways than you realize to take notes on your iPhone -- thought about using it as a dictaphone for some verbal notes for example? There are even some top-notch apps that give you the ability to organize every area of your life, and even sync it all to your PC so you can feel in control wherever you are.

    If you are more conventional in your note-taking, and shudder at the thought of taking notes just using your touch screen then you can make use of a stylus for your iPhone and take notes the old-fashioned way.

    You don't need to note down all of these useful articles with tips, reviews and round-ups though -- just bookmark this guide for future reference!

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    What is the Best iPhone Notes App?

    The best place to start is by taking a look at the top choices available for note apps on your iPhone. This round-up will guide you through your note-taking options whether the apps are free or paid, to get you organized from the off. You can even include images, add maps, or make sure an alarm goes off to remind you to do something.

    Using Lotus Notes with iPhone

    The great thing about Lotus Notes is that you can get easy access to emails, calendars and address books when you are on the go -- all the important info you really need at your fingertips. There are different Notes to look at depending on the one that suits you best, which is where this article comes in. If you are more interested in to-do notes and push emails, then there are different options to suit you.

    Sundry Notes iPhone App Review

    With so many choices in iPhone notes apps it can be hard to distinguish between them. This is a great review that has all the information you need on the Sundry Notes app so you can make a more informed decision. You can even add a title, subject and tabs to your notes in this app, to keep everything not only noted, but organized too.

    Best iPhone To Do Apps

    On the subject of being more organized... I don't know about you, but I use notes to remind me of things constantly, whether it's a to do list, a shopping list or noting a website. If you fall more in the "To Do" category, then a simple note-taking app just won't cut it, so here is a round-up of the best to do apps.

    Meernotes/Molenotes iPhone App Review

    Despite a confusing name change for some reason, the currently named Meernotes app is a wonderful retro-style app for your iPhone. The standard iPhone app for notes is a bit boring, but using this app really transforms your note-taking experience with its vivid colors and retro notebook feel.

    Best iPhone Dictaphone Apps

    Why bother taking notes the conventional way, when you can add notes simply using your voice? Voice recognition software can often be a bit flaky, which is where this round-up of only the best dictaphone apps comes to the rescue.

    Get Evernote on your iPhone

    One of the most pleasurable things about the Evernote app is that you can get Evernote on almost anything -- including your PC or Mac. So not only are your notes stored in different notebooks of your choice (keeping different subjects separated), you can also have access to them from your computer so you can get hold of them anywhere.

    How to Use Evernote

    So now you've read our review and you're convinced Evernote is the note-taking app for you, but you don't know how to start using it! It's really quite easy, as this article will demonstrate, and there are plenty of added options you may not have realized either. This is a great instructional guide to help you get the best from the app.

    Users Guide to the Awesome Note iPhone App

    The Awesome Note app is a great all-rounder as it separates areas of your life to keep everything organized. So you can keep shopping lists in one place, business notes in another, a diary, and to do lists in their own sections. Don't be confused though, this guide will sort you out.

    Microsoft OneNote iPhone App Review

    When Microsoft releases some software than naturally you expect it to be good. Find out if this iPhone note-taking app with the Microsoft brand is worth a download in this review.

    Top Five iPhone OCR Apps

    Take notes the easy way, by just scanning a page or photo that has info in it that you need to remember. OCR apps are becoming more sophisticated and many allow you to add your own text over the top of the original image for a really nifty all-round note-taking experience.

    Top iPhone Password Manager Apps

    So if we use note-taking apps because we tend to be forgetful and need to remember certain pieces of information, then of course at one time or another the important information we can't remember is a password. You don't want your password to be stored in a regular notes app though or that would defeat the point of a password. Use a password manager app to store passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information.

    Make Note-Taking Easier with an iPhone Stylus

    If you don't have the best handwriting, but get frustrated with the touch screen for typing out more lengthy notes then a stylus for note-taking could be what you need. We round up some great options and see which is the best stylus for writing on your iPhone.

    After reading through our guide, I'm sure you're feeling more organized already. Have the developers left anything out of these apps? Is there another way they could be improved? Let us know, or share your favorite app with us in case we've missed it.