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Sports on the iPhone - Guide for Enthusiasts and Fans Alike

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 9/14/2011

The time I check my phone the most, is when there is a game on that I can't be there to watch -- I love getting updated scorelines (sometimes!). This is just one way that the iPhone and sports combine brilliantly. Whether you are a sports fan, or prefer to participate, this guide is for you.

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    You already know how brilliant your iPhone is, but now you are about to take it to a whole new level. The versatility of it is quite astounding, which is why we haven't just thrown together a guide for sports fans, but also a guide for sports men and women to show the different ways you can use the iPhone to help you, whatever your pursuit.

    We begin with some general apps that can keep you updated in the world of sports, with either results or sports news, and then journey on to specific apps for specific sports.

    Our "Let's Play" section looks at sports apps that help you either keep score as you participate, or offer you tips, as well as a host of other features, dependent on the app.

    For your more relaxed days, we've also thrown in a few of the best sports games you can play on your iPhone, finishing off by looking at those iPhone accessories that can make life so much easier when playing sports. Did you know you can even get a waterproof case to take your iPhone swimming with you?

    Take to your marks - Ready, Set, Go!

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    Hey There Sports Fans!

    We kick-off by offering you some app round-ups and reviews of some of the very best sports apps your iPhone would be proud to have on its team. If you love all things sporty then these are the options you need to keep you updated on sports news and scores. And don't worry, although the last app is "for Dads", the apps aren't Dad or male exclusive, there are just some really worthwhile sports options in there to hold your interest.

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    Specific Apps for Specific Sports

    If there is a particular sport that you are a fan of, then it's likely you don't want to settle for a general sports app; you want something a bit more specific. Here we have pulled together a mighty team of apps to suit most sports fans from hockey, soccer and football, to basketball and baseball -- we've even thrown in a round-up of great baseball card apps should that be your thing. You need never miss that goal again, or be without the top sports news stories with this lot at your fingertips.

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    Ready, Set, Go - Let's Play!

    OK, so now it's time for some action. Pull on your training shoes and get stuck in. Although these articles feature apps for your chosen participation sport, many of them are also pretty good all-rounders. So you might find some great ones to help you keep score and show you some match stats after you've completed a game, but they may also have some capability to keep you updated on pros in that field, or updated on news on a particular sport too. So even if you don't participate in any of these sports, you still might find them useful from a fan or spectator viewpoint.

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    Fun Armchair Participation with iPhone Sports Games

    No matter how much you love your sports, we all have lazy days, so take a day off from training and become an armchair sportsperson for the afternoon. Of course there are a whole ton of sports games for the iPhone that we could have included here, but I've narrowed it down to popular sports with highly rated options.

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    Dress Your iPhone Up for Sports

    What happens when you want to take your iPhone with you when you are doing your sports thing? There's no way it's staying at home, but naturally you don't want it to get bumped, dropped or covered in water as you move. Here I've included some accessory round-ups of sports accessories for your iPhone from simple cases that might feature your team, to keeping your phone secure as you move, and even some waterproof cases to keep your precious iPhone baby safe and secure -- so you can work out and not have to worry.