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10 Best Apps for Student Engineers

written by: Tarun Goel•edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 8/8/2011

The Android Market and Apple have revolutionized mobile technology. Engineering apps for iPhone and Android apps for students have made it easy for students to access information on their mobile devices itself.

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    Technology is growing by leaps and bounds. Every day a new social networking site is making the news and new engineering wonders are being erected. Mobile technology has made exponential progress in the last ten years. Google Android and Apple mobile devices have changed the market scenario completely. The modern technology belongs to mobile apps and with hundreds of apps rolling out every day, accessing information and knowledge sharing has become easier.

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    Best Engineering Apps

    Engineering pro 

    Engineering Pro is developed by Multieducator, Inc. Formulas are a lifeline of engineers, and when you are out in the field, sometimes you need formulas from different branches of engineering. Designing a mechanical part also requires including electrical circuits, and then you need formulas for electrical circuits and machine designs at the same time. Engineering Pro has 650 inbuilt formulas that apply to Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Environmental Engineerin,g and General Sciences. In addition, there are 1000 conversion formulas as well enabling you to easily convert one unit into another unit system.

    Buy @ iTunes for $11.99


    RealCalc is an Android app developed by Quartic Software. A calculator becomes the best friend of a field and design engineer. Gone are the days of carrying those black and gray plastic calculators; this is the time of Android. RealCalc in your mobile means you have access to all the scientific formulas just at the touch of your finger. Permutations, combinations, probability, hyperbolic functions and many other complex mathematical equations can easily be solve using this app. You can even see your previous results, and that too in high resolution.

    Download here free of cost

    4-in-1 Mechanical Engineering is of great value for Mechanical Engineers as it covers four most important topics for them. Basics of the core subject, CAM, CFD and detailed insight into the modern tools is provided by this app. The core principles and theories of thermodynamics, material sciences and kinematics are also covered in this app, making it a valuable resource of information for mechanical engineers.

    Download from iTunes @ $9.99

    Engineering Libraries combines information on general Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering. Soil and materials science is also covered in this app and all the information is bundled into one, making it a very helpful information resource for Android users. For students, it serves as a quick reference guide.

    Download free of cost

    Engineering Jobs is another Android application that would be liked by engineers. It connects you to the internet and enables you to search for jobs that match your skill, experience, and needs. You can even post your resume so that the right employers can contact you. Currently this app is available free. Download @ Androidzoom

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    Engineering Unit Converter is another great tool for android users that helps in converting units from one measurement system to another. This app is exclusively meant for system unit conversions. It has more than 500 units and 49 systems into which units can be converted. It includes categories related to engineering like entropy, length, electric charge, density and many more.

    Download free of cost @ Android market

    Engineering News 

    Engineering News for iPhone and Apple mobile devices. Engineering students need a regular dose of industry news as well so that they stay updated with the latest of the industry. News apps can give ideas to students about their projects, internships and advancements in technology as well. One can even access podcasts, videos, attend webinars, and get loads of information with this app.

    Download from iTunes free of cost

    Civil Engineering Formulator is an exclusive app designed for Apple mobile devices. It includes all the Civil Engineering formulas that a student will encounter in his student life or even after that, for that matter. Currently it consists of 100 formulas, and the developers are adding 20 new formulas every month to this app, free of cost for the existing customers. Most commonly used formulas from soil mechanics, road design, transportation engineering, and structural design are included in this app.

    Buy from iTunes for $4.99

    AndTruss2d is a useful application for Civil and Mechanical Engineers using finite element method for truss design. The graphical user interface is very simple and easy to use, enabling engineers to visualize their truss designs.

    Download free of cost

    Engineering Dictionary is one of the most popular Android apps for engineers available on the internet. It has over 5000 engineering Engineering Dictionary terms and definitions stored in its database and it enables students to develop a better understanding of a particular concept.

    Download and Install free of cost.


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